Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Wedges Lace-up

Beautiful shoes made for dreamers…

Set your spirit free with Viscata

We know our customers.  They are dreamers, just like us..  They are passionate about life and proud of the way they look.  They have a sense of adventure and they see beyond the horizon.  They seek a life less ordinary. And that’s part of the reason that we have such a good relationship.  We share the same sense of adventure. We embrace the same spirit of passion and we are driven by our dreams. And what better way to chase your dreams than in a pair of our beautiful shoes - handmade with love in Spain by artisans who have honed their techniques over several generations.

 Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain traditional handcrafting artisan

So, we think it’s time to set your spirit free. Just because peak summer is behind us, there’s no reason not to embrace the Mediterranean way. 

Beautiful espadrilles for all seasons

Looks are important all year round and rules are made to be broken. Beautiful shoes like ours pay no heed to seasons or artificial rules and protocols.  And these days, the mythical endless summer is a reality.  With the world shrinking by the day and weekend breaks and winter sunshine holidays a permanent fixture on our calendars, you’ll need our beautiful shoes more than ever. 

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Flats

If you’re popping over to Europe for a summer break or slipping off to the beaches of the Caribbean or South East Asia, packing a pair of our beautiful espadrilles is the sensible thing to do.  Whether you’re strolling on the beaches of Miami or sauntering along the sidewalks of New York, you’ll be looking for a perfect blend of style and comfort - and Viscata’s stunning espadrilles are the shoes for you.

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Wedges Lace-up

Embrace the endless summer

Every pair of our beautiful shoes embrace the Mediterranean spirit. They ooze casual chic, they’re natural and handmade, they’re comfortable to walk in - and they’re super-sexy all year round. And at Viscata, we truly have something for everyone.  From casual beach comfort to sexy sophistication, there’s a pair for you. Viscata has the perfect shoes to take you from the office to the bar.  We have practical shoes that you can slip into your overnight bag. 

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Wedge Pumps Leather


We even have a range of super cool, casual shoes for men who want to “ditch the flip-flop” in favor of something a bit more sophisticated.

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Men Flats


So, here are 4 shoe styles that typify the Mediterranean look - effortlessly casual, super chic and comfortable, these are beautiful shoes made for dreamers, just like you.


Strolling along a beach front on your way to an evening under the stars, you’ll want to look cool, but casual.  Everybody else is out there in their best gear and making a style statement is an important part of an evening out. Slip into a pair of our Almadraba sneakerdrilles - a funky combination of elegant espadrilles and stylish sneakers, they’re perfect for walking and strolling on one of those hot nights out.

As comfortable as your favorite sneakers and as elegant as your best party shoes, these little beauties are finished off with a pretty bow to give you a casual edge in the style stakes.

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Women Sneakers


Our Roses pumps are elegant enough to wear anywhere.  Effortless style combines with pretty pointed toes and a comfortable 2.5” heel to deliver superior craftsmanship and a cheeky charm.  Lined with soft, comfortable leather these are versatile and flexible shoes that will be just at home with your favorite jeans as they will be with your best party dress.

 Viscata Women Espadrille Wedge Pumps


If you’re looking for the perfect blend of comfort and versatility, then these Barceloneta canvas classics were made for you. They come in a wider range of bright and fun colors and the neat elastic insert makes these comfortable, versatile shoes perfect for casual strolling.  Breathable and lightweight, these are the perfect shoes to pack into your hand luggage to add a touch of style to your weekend wardrobe.  Step out in confidence with these practical classics and watch heads turn.

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Women Flats


These fun shoes come in a variety of colors from striking cherry red to stylish mustard yellow. And there’s bound to be a Pubol color that matches your mood or personality.  Sleek, charming and made by hand with love in Spain these shoes feature premium suede outers and a soft ankle strap.  With a comfortable, soft, premium leather lining and a sturdy 2” heel, these are the perfect shoes for easy walking and a simple way to dial up the style.

Viscata Women Espadrille Wedge Ankle Strap

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