Viscata espadrilles wedges made in Spain handcrafting

Fall in love with our beautiful shoes this autumn

As the season’s change, we need to change with them. Most people think of espadrilles as summer shoes, but with the world’s largest online range of espadrilles available all year round, we think you should think again. 

Yes, espadrilles have a summer feel about them and they are the perfect style for that Mediterranean vibe and for stylish strolls down to the beach or the bar.  But these versatile shoes now come in all shapes, sizes and colors.  And with budget airlines and hotel packages making it easier than ever to chase the sun, these stylish shoes are now becoming a year round staple. 

Viscata espadrille wedges made in Spain


We have shoes that fit that summer vibe, but we also have shoes for all seasons.  From our espadrille classics to practical wedges and from sexy slingbacks to lovely lace ups.  We also have platforms, sneakerdrilles, mules and more.

Viscata espadrilles wedges flats made in Spain handcrafting 

So, we thought we’d look ahead at the Fall fashion trends and see if we can suggest some shoes that might keep you styling beyond the summer.  And the dominant theme for this year appears to be color. 

Viscata espadrilles wedges made in Spain handcrafting

It’s almost instinctive when we hit this time of year for us to reach for out for the standard Fall colors.  After all, the summer is (apparently) behind us and darker, colder weather is ahead.  That traditionally says go for Autumnal shades - burgundy, black, navy blue, olive and taupe are the sorts of things you’d naturally think of.  

Think differently with Viscata

But at Viscata, we like to think differently. To rise above the ordinary and to delight and surprise with a little twist on the traditional. And for this reason we’ve developed one of the widest range of color palettes of any espadrille producer in the world. 

We think this has been a pretty rough year, without much to smile about.  That’s why we agree with the fashion commentators that a splash of bright color is needed to cheer us up this Fall.  As far as we’re concerned, bright is back. And it’s too early to go all moody with those dark fall colors. It’s time to put a smile on our face and it can start with your shoes. It’s time to put a little fun back into your Fall wardrobe.

Tie-dye Satuna wedges

Tie-dye is back. In fact, it might never have gone away.  Since making its appearance in the 60s Woodstock era and becoming a ubiquitous part of the hippy look, it’s stuck with us through thick and thin for the last 5 decades.  And this year, it’s proving more popular than ever. With its flowing, melting colors and bright palette, it screams casual cool. It also provides a great opportunity to add a blast of color to an otherwise bland outfit.  We think we have the perfect shoes for that job.  Introducing our Satuna wedges - comfortable, stylish and super cool.  And available in “tie dye” blue and yellow.

Viscata espadrilles wedges made in Spain handcrafting tiedye

Pretty pink Menorquinas

Stay in the pink this autumn and add a touch of soft color to cut through the generally muted color range that appears to arrive every year at about this time.  Pink might not be the obvious choice for Autumn clothing, but as an accessory to an otherwise bland outfit, it can make a real statement about who you are and what you're like.

This autumn, stand out from the crowd by switching to pink.  Just a little pink accent on a dark, boring, traditional Navy outfit can make a huge difference. Adding a touch of brighter, lighter, pink to your wardrobe can add style and increase your fashion options.  Plus, that little dash of color shows confidence and cool and separates you nicely from all those “also rans” who are still wearing last year’s colors.

Viscata Espadrilles Made in Spain Handcrafting  Avarca sandals

Fiery orange Pumps

Now, here’s a color that we can all associate with Fall.  Fiery orange conjures up images of flames licking and spitting around the base of a bonfire or Jack O'Lanterns glowing with reflected candle light. It’s not a color that often makes it onto the fashion scene.  But this year is different. Bright, fiery oranges are back and they have a place in your Fall wardrobe. That flash of color will draw people’s attention pretty quickly and show that you are different from the crowd, not afraid to make a bold statement and happy to wear your heart on your sleeve.  If this sounds like you, you may want to check out these striking looking orange Roses wedge pumps - also available in a wide range of other stunning colors.

Viscata espadrilles wedges made in Spain handcrafting pumps

Vivid red Escalas

We’ve all heard of those ruby slippers that Dorothy wore. But most of us associate bright colors with the sunny months of the year. If you’re keen on a splash of bright red, then your time is here.  Vibrant reds are set to be one of the colors of the season.  Perfect to accessorise other more traditional autumn colors such as greys and browns. If adding a touch of color to a dull period of the year appeals to you, then check out these gorgeous, bright red Escala canvas wedges.

Viscata espadrilles wedges lace-up made in Spain handcrafting

Mustard yellow Calellas

Here’s a color that can carry your right through the fall and on into winter.  Yellow is back and it looks like it’s going to be popular in two shades - bright yellow and mustard yellow.  Add a bright accent with bright yellow, or you could go for the warmer tones of mustard yellow to add a cozy, confident and trendy twist to your Autumn wardrobe.  If that sounds like you, then we have the perfect solution. Check out these gorgeous mustard yellow Calella slingback espadrilles.  Guaranteed to help you become a bright spot in an otherwise fairly dreary season.

Viscata espadrilles wedges slinbgback made in Spain handcrafting

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