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From Viscata with love - something for everyone in our stunning wedding collection

Weddings are back. And that means it’s time to find the best wedding shoes for the bride and her guests.

The good news is that the dream is no longer deferred. They say you can’t hurry love, but for obvious reasons, this expression has taken on new meaning over the last year. We know how much many of you were looking forward to your special day. We know how hard many of you worked to make it the most memorable day of your lives. We know you didn’t want to disappoint your guests, call off the caterers and cancel your gorgeous wedding venue. We feel your pain and we understand. So, for all those lovers who’ve had their wedding plans taken from them over the last year, we have some good news. Weddings are back!

And at Viscata, we’ve spent some of the last year reviewing our wedding collection making sure that you have all the right options to make you look gorgeous for that special day.

Satuna Silk Ivory - bridal collection

We know that weddings are all about the beautiful bride, but at Viscata, we have shoes for everyone. We have shoes for the wedding day, shoes for the bridesmaids and shoes for your wedding guests. We have shoes to match your going away outfit. We even have shoes for your honeymoon. But as always where shoes are concerned, there are so many questions to answer. Which are the best wedding shoes for comfort? Which are the best wedding shoes for style? Where do I find the perfect bridal shoes? Where can I get wedding espadrilles?

But, let’s start with the star of the show.

The blushing bride

All eyes will be on you as you walk down the aisle on that special day. You’ll need to look beautiful from your head to your toes.

Whatever your wedding style, we have something elegant and sophisticated for you to wear as you take the long walk. We have beautiful shoes for the bride in a range of styles and colors including white, ivory, silver, gold and black.

You’ll look stunning in our beautiful, classic Satuna or Ullastret silk wedges. Elegant, sophisticated and comfortable enough to make you look good all through the long day, these shoes will take you on into the night as the party gets started and the dancing begins.

Satuna Silk Ivory Wedges

Satuna Silk Wedges - Ivory Bridal Collection

Ullastret Silk Ivory Wedges

Ullastret Silk Wedges - Ivory Bridal Collection

The beautiful bridesmaid

Every bride needs the support of loyal bridesmaids. Bridesmaids are usually your friends, your loyal support and your trusted confidantes. They’ll help wipe your tears, steady your nerves and get you to look your absolute best. They need to look good too (just not as good as the bride!).

We know how much time and effort goes into choosing the perfect bridesmaid’s dress for the special day. Complementary styling, something that suits the theme and mood of the day. Something that looks gorgeous, but doesn’t steal the show. Bridesmaids will be on their feet for much of the day (and most likely will be strutting their stuff on the dancefloor until the early hours of the morning). So, if they’re going to dance the night away, their shoes need to be comfortable as well as pretty.

We have the perfect wedding wedges, available in a range of colors. Step out in comfort and style in our gorgeous Aiguafreda canvas wedges. We think they’ll love these shoes. And the added bonus is that they are so versatile they can be worn anywhere. Long after the wedding bells have gone silent, you’ll be wearing these beautiful shoes as a joyful reminder of that unforgettable day.

Aiguafreda Canvas Wedges - Silver

The “going away” outfit

Then, there’s that magical moment when the bride sets off to start her new life. Many will get their send off in style. So, whether you’re leaving in a limousine, a vintage car, a helicopter or a boat, your guests will probably gather round to cheer you on and wish you well. Some of the more enthusiastic ones may even be strategically positioned to catch the bouquet. Others will be avoiding it at all costs!

By this stage of the wedding, you will have changed outfits into something a bit more casual and appropriate for the journey ahead. Something sophisticated but relaxed. Whatever outfit you choose, we have a pair of espadrille wedges to match so you can set off in style and comfort en route to your romantic honeymoon.

Slip into our Escala crochet wedges for a more casual vibe that captures the spirit of the Spanish espadrile with their extra cushiony soles and their on-trend boho chic. These shoes are so comfortable, you’ll never want to take them off.

Escala Crochet Wedges - Ivory

The honeymoon

And when you get there, you’ll need to rock a completely different look. Depending on whether you’ve headed out for a beach break or a sophisticated city break, we have the shoes for you.

For those of you who will be strolling from the beach to the bar, we have our beautiful Estartit canvas wedges. These are the ultimate in casual comfort with a sexy, flirty feel to keep you looking good and feeling good all through the day and on to the night.

Estartit Canvas Wedges

On the other hand, if you’re heading out to wander the streets of Paris, London or New York, you’ll need something more practical. But not at the expense of style. Check out our gorgeous Cambrils espadrille sandals. These perfectly comfortable, supremely practical, yet effortlessly elegant shoes will add a touch of casual glamour to your wardrobe. With elegant lines, a flattering cross-strap design and elastic and soft suede uppers, these shoes will make you look good and feel good all at once.

Cambrils Espadrille Sandal

The guests

And we mustn’t forget your guests. We all know that the star of the show has got to be the bride. But all those guests will also need to look good - and we have beautiful shoes for everyone. From elegant wedge espadrilles such as our Arbucies silk wedges to more practical shoes like our Marquesa canvas wedge pumps, available in a range of colors to match your wedding outfit. At Viscata, we have something for everyone.

Marquesa Canvas Wedge Pumps

So, for the happiest day of your life, make sure you step out in style. Viscata has the perfect shoes to keep you looking good at every step of your journey.

Here’s to love, laughter (and beautiful shoes!)

Arbucies Silk Ivory  - bridal collection

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