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Summer holidays are gone. Bring on the weekend breaks…

Summer might be officially over, but just because the sun is lower in the sky, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop. These days, it seems, summer lasts forever.

Viscata Made in Spain Ankle strap Open toe wedge sandal


If you’re lucky enough to live in a place where the sun shines all year round, then you’ll know what we mean. But even if you don’t, we're blessed to live in an age where places that were once exotic (and barely reached in a lifetime) are now accessible all year round.  As we come out of an 18 months that was quite unlike any that any of us have seen in our lifetimes, our right to travel was curtailed. Annual holidays were postponed or changed. Weekend breaks became impractical due to entry requirements, quarantine restrictions and no flights.  Domestic tourism saw a resurgence in popularity.

But thankfully, as the virus is brought under control and restrictions are reduced, the short break is back with a vengeance.  According to industry sources, there’s going to be a surge in overseas travel, driven by the pent-up demand and broken dreams left in the wake of our crisis.  Talk to any of the budget airline providers and they’re all expecting a massive surge in the coming months.  

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Weekend breaks are back

In the US, the city break is set for a big comeback - and destinations such as New York and San Francisco will be at the top of many people’s hitlist.  But many others will be making up for lost time in warm weather destinations.  From Miami Beach to Mexico and from Hawaii to the Caribbean, American’s will be packing their bags for impromptu breaks - and there are plenty of warm weather options for them to extend their summer.  And, if you’re going away, there are two things you’ll need to bear in mind. Pack light and always look good.

Viscata Wedges Made in Spain Ankle strap Closed toe

Discover the ultimate weekend break shoes…

Now that summer is officially over, it’s time to chase the sunshine on a weekend break.  And wherever you’re going for your mini-break, you’ll need beautiful shoes.  So, here are some beautiful shoes that we think are perfect for your little getaways. 

 Viscata Made in Spain Ankle strap Close toe Low wedge

A stylish reminder of summer in the midst of a looming winter, all Viscata shoes are gorgeous - and not only do they look great, but they’re versatile enough to take you through all phases of the day and on into the night.

Just imagine if all you needed to pack for your weekend away was one pair of shoes.  We think this is all you’ll need to bring the beach to the city as you step out in style and comfort. Keep the spirit alive with our versatile shoes - and set yourself free with Viscata.

Viscata Wedges Made in Spain Ankle strap Peep toe


Here are our top 5 shoes for the perfect weekend getaway:


These suede sneakerdrilles are just the right shoe if you’re planning on doing a lot of walking. A beautiful cross between a sneaker and an espadrille, these shoes are lovely to look at and even better to wear.  They’re built on a thick, sturdy sole, offering the comfort of a sneaker.  But their cute bows add a casual and feminine style.  If you like living on the edge, these are the shoes for you. Perfect for strolling around a big city such as New York or Miami.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille sneaker Suede


If you’re planning on stepping out in style during your weekend break, then these could be just the shoes you’re looking for.  Put your best foot forward with these gorgeously soft suede shoes, made with soul in Spain. Comfortable and elegant, the Ullastret feature a classically pretty strap and give you the instant glamour that you need to stay ahead of the fashion pack.

Viscata Made in Spain Ankle strap Close pointed toe wedge Suede


Everybody loves a pretty pair of shoes and these elegant wedge mules with their v-cut vamp and pointed toe will add instant glamour to your wardrobe.  Sleek, stylish and sophisticated these are the shoes you need with you if you want to turn heads on your weekend break.  These simple classics are perfectly versatile and can add a touch of class to any weekend outfit. Perfect for a night out on the town or for a sophisticated casual dinner in a restaurant on a Bermuda beach.

Viscata Made in Spain Close pointed toe wedge mule


If your weekend break is going to be more fun than formal, then our Pubols are perfect for you.  These fabulous shoes come in a range of lively colors from trendy mustard to cherry red.  Sleek, charming and oozing personality they feature premium suede and a soft ankle buckle strap all built on a sturdy 2” heel for comfortable walking.  If there’s one pair of shoes you want to pack in your hand luggage, these are the ones. Perfect if you’re looking for something flirty and fun to stroll around the bars and restaurants of Barcelona or Ibiza.

Espadrilles Women Low Wedge Suede Ankle strap Closed toe

Roses suede

These cheeky charmers simply have to be in your suitcase.  Effortlessly elegant pumps with a pretty pointed toe, there’s no doubt that these are style classics.  A perfect blend of practical comfort and style, they're built on a 2.5” heel and lined with soft leather. Portable, flexible and versatile enough to wear with your favorite jeans or your latest party dress, the Roses wedges could be all you need for that little break you’ve been looking for. These fun pumps are easy to pack and stylish enough to wear for any weekend break, from Texas to St. Thomas and from Mexico to Marbella.

Viscata Espadrille Wedges Made in Spain Pumps Suede


So, now you have it.  Summer doesn’t end on Memorial Day - you just need to make the most of the amazing world in which we live and get those exploring shoes on so you can step out in style wherever the sun is shining.  Weekend breaks have never been more welcome.

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