Vacations are back. Hold your head up and step out in style.

Vacations are back. Hold your head up and step out in style.

They’re back.  After a year of isolation, travel bans, facemasks and closed borders, it looks like vacations are finally back.  For many of us, this has been a year to forget. Travelling to exotic places is a distant memory and we’ve been forced to spend the year daydreaming from our couches about glamorous destinations, dream locations and new adventures.But we’ve always held on to hope and now, it looks like that hope is starting to pay off

So, for those of you whose dreams have been deferred this year, it’s time to step up a gear.  Wherever you’re heading in this endless summer, Viscata’s sure to have style for you.

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So, we thought we’d get the ball rolling with our little Viscata guide to the wonderful new world of vacations. Viscata’s independent spirit was born in the Mediterranean.  It will open up your horizons again this year.  And shoes will help.

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5 holiday destinations and the perfect shoes for travelling again

New York

The Big Apple’s been snoozing.  The city that never sleeps took a bit of a nap last year. Covid left it an empty place.  The streets had no people, the hotels had no guests, the restaurants had no diners and the theaters had no audiences. 

But now, NYC is getting its swagger back just in time for summer.  So, if you like a little Sex in the City, we have the perfect shoes for you. Our versatile and fashion forward espadrilles are the perfect pair to wear whether you’re having a picnic in the park, riding a carriage to the Plaza or simply striding into work. Viscata’s comfortable, stylish shoes are what you want to be wearing this summer.  Just ask Carrie!

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There’s a different vibe in Miami as well. Last year, the tourists stopped visiting, the cruise ships pulled up their anchors and those long, white sandy beaches took on a different vibe altogether.  It didn’t stop the harcore partiers from doing their best to have some fun, but partying was a decidedly more mellow affair than is usual in Miami. 

But this year, they’re back in business.  And Florida is ready to welcome visitors once again.  The theme parks are opening, the cocktails and roof terraces are waiting for you.  All you need is some Miami style - and our gorgeous espadrilles will carry you elegantly from your hotel to the beach (via the cocktail bar) in perfect Southern style.  Summer’s never looked so good!

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The Caribbean

The sounds of reggae blasting out from a little rum shack on a perfect beach must have seemed like an impossible dream last year.  The Caribbean suffered dreadfully from a lack of visitors last year. The smell of jerk chicken grilling outside and long Caribbean cocktails sipped overlooking a stunning sunset were largely absent in 2020. 

But the visitors are back, the goat curry is bubbling in the pot again and the party is returning.  Cruise ships are circling, the bars are filling up again and the Caribbean is getting its groove on again. Viscata is known for its summer style and its casually comfortable shoes - the perfect way to get from the hotel to the beach to the bar...and back again!  Perfect shoes for dancing the night away under a Caribbean sky.

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Barcelona’s back. 

It’s been a tough year for a city that loves to party as much as Barcelona does.  We’ve walked deserted streets with only the seagulls for company.  The beaches have been cordoned off for much of the year, the hotels have been closed and eating out has been restricted beyond all recognition. 

For a city that doesn’t get the party going until after midnight, being subjected to a 10.00 pm curfew has had a strange effect on this city.  But, in the midst of all the doom and gloom, we saw glimmers of hope last year.  The animals wandered the main streets of central Barcelona, no longer scared of cars and people, they reclaimed their streets. And in the midst of the gloom, there was the awesome spectacle of the citizens of Barcelona, night after night, taking to their balconies to applaud their key workers.  And just when the spirits needed lifting, there was always the occasional impromptu opera singing belting out arias from his balcony, or home DJ’s spinning some tunes from decks and sound systems carefully set up on their terraces and balconies.

But now, the curfew has gone, the beaches and roof terraces are back in action and the stylish citizens of Barcelona are sipping their G&Ts on roof terraces again as the sun sets over the red rooftops of the old town.  Barcelona style is legendary.  We missed it last year, but we’re glad that the joy has returned. Now all you need are the perfect shoes to make that journey to the rooftop cocktail bar.

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It’s a long way from anywhere, but that’s part of the mystique of Bali. Known for its stunning beauty, its gentle Buddhism and its amazingly relaxing massages, Bali has always had an almost mystical reputation as a place to recharge your batteries and refresh your soul. 

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But even though the Spas had no visitors and the surf went unridden, life is breathing back into Bali again.  This is truly a paradise location with dramatic natural landscapes, amazing food and some of the best surfing on the planet.  And while the monks might have enjoyed a little break from the tourists last year, they’re going to welcome them back with open arms this summer. 

Bali is not known for its formality - it’s much more about beaches and nature.  That’s why our Avarcas are the perfect shoe for this magical, mystical island.  Set your spirit free with these delightfully sophisticated yet casually elegant shoes.

Menorquina avarcas made in Spain


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