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  • The flip-flop of Europe - Avarcas

  • Avarcas or Menorquinas are a Mediterranean Summer favorite and have been worn for centuries! They first appeared in Menorca, Spain a century ago as comfortable shoes to work in under the intense Spanish heat. Slowly they have become a fashion trend and can be found on everyone’s feet from King & Queens to tourists enjoying the Spanish vibe. With lightweight construction, durable soles made from recyled car tires, and easy to slip on and off has made Avarcas a summer staple you will want to try! Our range of beautiful handmade avarcas sandals come in three different styles and 20 gorgeous colorways, so you will find the perfect pair to match any outfit. And as they are crafted with care using premium leather and a durable rubber sole, you can enjoy wearing your avarcas shoes for years to come.
Casual elegance with Summer comfort. Why not?
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Step up your look with the European version of the flip-flop! You can't get much more chic than this for the Summer.
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Not just for women. Guys get all the comfort too!
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  • Always something to smile about

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The devil is in the details. Tight stitching and soft leather cushion details.
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Available with a bit more height too. Avarca flatforms!
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