Are espadrilles still a step too far for America’s men?

Are espadrilles still a step too far for America’s men?

Espadrilles are all the rage right now.

From Beyonce to the Duchess of Cambridge and from David Beckham to the King of Spain, they have captured the imagination of some of the world’s most powerful and influential women. Part of the reason for their appeal is based on their traditional Spanish roots. But women also love them for their flexibility, comfort and casual style. For women, it’s an easy choice.

But it’s not so easy for American men, who still perceive espadrilles as “women’s shoes”. Part of this is driven by the classic view of dainty, pretty summer espadrilles with laces tied around the ankles and lower leg.

This is a long way from the traditional image of American men gathering around the BBQ in their shorts, t-shirts and flip flops. But now, there is another way. We think it’s time for American men to “ditch the flip flop” and trade up to a pair of stunning, comfortable and hard wearing Viscata men's espadrilles.

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

Help your partners raise their game this summer

And we think American women have a role to play in this. While everyone enjoys the casual summer lifestyle and none of us want to sacrifice comfort and cool, Viscata has just the right selection of summer shoes for men that can help your husbands and partners to “raise their game” without losing their casual style.

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

Men across the world often find themselves stuck in that surreal summer limbo-land that exists between sneakers and flip flops. But men now have an option that gives them the best of both worlds. Across the world, men are becoming more and more comfortable with wearing espadrilles and for good reason. Men need casual, comfortable shoes, just like everybody else. Men’s espadrilles have been spotted on the feet of everybody from John F. Kennedy to Salvador Dali.

Dali wearing espadrilles

Nothing to fear

They’re also really easy to wear, combining the breathability of a traditional sandal with a Mediterranean style that is elegant enough to wear with chinos and a tailored shirt. Men’s espadrilles are now a fashion mainstay across Europe, so there is nothing to fear. Not a flirty wedge heel in sight. No funny laces wrapped around your ankles. Just casual, comfortable, hand made shoes to keep you looking smart while being casual.

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

Flexible favorites

Pair them with your favorite pair of old jeans or a pair of summer shorts to set yourself apart from the flip flop and sandals and socks brigade.

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

So, here’s a little look at espadrilles for men who are looking to up their game on the fashion stakes with a cool, casual and comfortable look. Shoes that are as easy on the eye as they are on the feet. Super-easy to wear, these versatile shoes are smart enough to wear on almost any occasion. Espadrilles are as comfortable as flip flops but smart enough to wear with chinos and a shirt.

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

For men, the world just got a little better.

5 reasons why you should help your man ditch the flip flops this summer:

1. Travel from the beach to the boardwalk in summer style.

Perfect to wear with a summer t-shirt and your favorite pair of swim shorts, these comfortable casual shoes are the ideal way to get from the beach to the bar in perfect, casual summer style. Comfortable and breathable, these canvas casuals will look as good on the beach as they do in the restaurant, as you’re finishing the day with a nice drink and a couple of summer cocktails. We think our Sitges slip-ons are the perfect choice. Light enough to wear on the hottest summer days, their casual silhouette and relaxed comfort will elevate your beach style this summer.

    men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

    2. A shortcut to casual style

    Summer style doesn’t come easy for men. That’s why when the heat is on, men tend to retreat to their comfort zone - shorts and t-shirts. But what do you wear with shorts to keep looking stylish on the hottest and sweatiest of days? Well, the easy option is to throw on socks and sneakers. A practical look, but not very elegant or sophisticated.But the smart ones turn to espadrilles. The reason is that they work perfectly with shorts, whatever the length. They’re also really easy to pack for those weekend breaks and they integrate easily into almost any summer outfit. Stronger than flip-flops and more stylish than sneakers,these are the shoes that fashionable men will be wearing this year and every year. And for those who want to smarten things up a bit, they also look great paired with a high quality, lightweight linen shirt. We think the perfect pair for this look is our Begur slip-on espadrilles. Easy fitting with a moulded footbed for cushioned comfort and a solid construction of sturdy cotton and stitched panels make these the perfect beach shoes for men this summer.

    men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

    4. Casual but smart

    If you’re entering that difficult territory that inhabits the space between casual and smart, things can easily go wrong. Chinos are one way to fill that gap, but they don’t say stylish or elegant. But with a little effort, you can elevate these Hamptons classics into something altogether more sophisticated. Lightweight cotton chinos generally work well with espadrilles. Slimmer fits work better, but keep them loose for casual comfort. Our lightweight Portbou slip-ons (no socks, please!) work well with rolled up bottoms for a coller, breezier look that combines some of the rumpled appeal of classic linen with a casual, but smart espadrille. The East Coast look never goes out of style, so don't be surprised if somebody asks you where you parked your boat.

    men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

    Step out of your comfort zone with Viscata espadrilles

    We believe that there is a shoe for everyone. Our customers come in all shapes and sizes and our shoes are perfect for anybody looking to ditch the flip flop. And with the largest selection of espadrilles in the world available on our website, just pick your favorite style this summer. Maybe it’s time you got your man to ditch the flip flop once and for all and step out in style in our timeless shoes.

    men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics

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