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Celebrate the Mediterranean Spirit with Viscata


Barcelona and the America’s Cup

Imagine the warm Mediterranean breeze against your skin as the world’s most prestigious sporting event comes to Barcelona. Immerse yourselves into this Mediterranean spirit with our beautiful Mediterranean Dreams collection. This year, the tradition of celebrating sun, sea and surf will be brought vividly to life as one of the oldest and most watched international sporting events in the world brings its circus to Barcelona to compete for the ultimate sailing trophy, The America’s Cup. This is the 38th running of the America’s Cup, which was first competed for back in 1870 and all eyes will be on Barcelona. We wanted to create a special collection for our customers to celebrate our unique connection with this wonderful city on the sea. 

Where art, culture and freedom meet

Viscata has always celebrated its Mediterranean roots. Viscata women celebrate life with a natural style that suits their curious and sophisticated personalities. They see the best in life. They want to live beautifully and they infuse every step with passion. Barcelona, the beating heart of the Mediterranean, is the city that brings it all together. Fiercely proud and independent, art and culture runs through her veins like liquid gold and every step is an inspiration. It’s the place that brought us the post-Gothic majesty of Antoni Gaudi’s extraordinary unfinished masterpiece, the Sagrada Familia. A city that boasts a thousand restaurants celebrating this lucky region’s natural bounty. A place where every dish is prepared the way they’ve been doing it for centuries. And let’s not forget this city’s got form, with its extraordinary sporting tradition, one of the greatest Olympic games of all time and one of the greatest soccer clubs of all time, FC Barcelona. It’s a place where art, Mediterranean culture and freedom meet.


art project, capsule collection in Barcelona. Mediterranean dreams. Handcrafted in Spain.


That’s why we commissioned international artist JJ Walker to create a unique collection of once-in-a-lifetime limited edition espadrilles to celebrate the Spanish culture and the vibrant spirit of Barcelona. We searched far and wide to find the right person and we’re delighted to announce our first ever artist collaboration. JJ Walker first fell in love with Barcelona more than a decade ago. Since then, he has made it his home, drawn by the light, love, and laughter that surrounds him every day. Walker likes to see things from a different angle, so we asked him to design Mediterranean Dreams, a Limited Edition capsule collection of shoes that are inspired by our surroundings. We wanted it to reflect the vibrant culture, the soaring, ecstatic architecture and the extraordinary artistic tradition that this city has inspired. This project has captured the energy and vibrance of the city's most famous sons including Pablo Picasso, and Joan Miro who are amongst the artists who have left their slightly surreal mark on this unique place. And in a year that’s going to buzz with all the excitement and rivalry of the America’s Cup, we asked him to find his inspiration to help us to celebrate this great moment in the city’s history and this is what he said.



His answer: Mediterranean Dreams

Three unique, specially designed Spanish espadrilles that carry the colors of the Mediterranean while expressing the joy and freedom of the European lifestyle. Each of these beautiful and comfortable Viscata espadrilles has been inspired by the sights, sounds and colors of this extraordinary place - the jewel in the crown of the Mediterranean. Set yourself free with “Mediterranean Dreams”, Viscata’s first specially created designer espadrille collection reflecting the cultural and artistic heritage of the Mediterranean and celebrating the world’s oldest international sporting event - the America’s Cup. 



Capsule collection and collaboration with an artist. Painting featuring mediterranean dreams. Espadrilles handcrafted in Spain.

Beautiful shoes that will take you to beautiful places.

Throw caution to the wind with the Mediterranean Dreams collection, a  unique, one-of-a-kind range of handmade espadrilles, exclusively designed for us with JJ Walker. Jason’s work is inspired by the colors and designs of Barcelona and he offers a surreal insight into the things that make Barcelona such an iconic city. We’re delighted that he’s created this exclusive Limited Edition collection, embroidered with his unique monogram. His brief was to soak up all the things that make this great city so special and to capture that unique spirit in three beautiful espadrille designs that express the cultural, artist and gastronomic melting pot that make this city the cultural capital of the Mediterranean.



Painted espadrille flats from the capsule collection the diver and the port. Handcrafted in Spain.

The result: three stunningly different Spanish espadrille designs to make you stand out from the crowd this summer. Whether you’re watching the 38th America’s Cup sailing competition from the back of your superyacht in Port Vell or cheering or strolling the streets and promenades of Barcelona enjoying the parties and the music, these shoes will be a talking point all summer long. Each shoe has been exquisitely designed to reflect the character of this great city. Enter the sensual world of “The Dreamer” as she floats effortlessly in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. Feel the exhilaration of “The Diver” as she plunges deep beneath the surface in pursuit of adventure. Or connect yourself with “The Port” that brings the world to Barcelona with its stunning yachts, fishermen and restaurants serving food fresh from the sea. 


Introducing “The Dreamer”

“The Dreamer” is a beautiful image featuring an elegant woman floating effortlessly in the warm waters of the Mediterranean and daydreaming. As she gazes up at the sun, her flowing hair becomes one with the gentle rhythm of the sea as sailboats catch the gentle wind. These stunning, specially designed, Limited Edition shoes are available in two stunning styles - choose from our Barceloneta espadrille flats or our Escala espadrille wedges and show your Mediterranean style.


Painted espadrille canvas flats from the capsule collection the dreamer. Collaboration with an artist. Handcrafted in Spain.

Meet “The Diver”

“The Diver' design is a captivating tribute to the Mediterranean summer, where the sun's warmth and the sea's cool embrace create a serene canvas. 'The Diver' embodies Mediterranean adventure and self-determination with each graceful kick, mirroring the sun's dance on the water's surface. It's a passionate convergence where her heart meets the Mediterranean's radiant summer in glistening reflections. “The Diver” is available in our comfortable Barcelona espadrille flats (for easy-walking) and our glamorous Escala espadrille wedges for summer style.


Painted espadrille lace-up wedges from the capsule collection the diver. Collaboration with an artist. Handcrafted in Spain.


Discover “The Port”

“The Port” design features a more masculine approach based on the famous grid system of the city’s Eixample district. It also features the brighter tones of Port Olympic, the vibrant location (and mission control for next year’s America’s Cup festivities). And, in case you need to get your bearings in all the excitement, we’ve incorporated the Port’s GPS coordinates into the design of these unique slip-on espadrilles, so you’ll always find your way back. These striking men’s espadrilles are available in our Begur flat espadrilles and we think they’re the perfect talking point for all the barbecues that are coming this summer.


Painted espadrille canvas flats from the capsule collection the port. Collaboration with an artist. Handcrafted in Spain.


About the artist

JJ Walker has temporarily traded his artist's canvas for a much smaller canvas. This canvas covers our gorgeous espadrilles in 100% luxury organic cotton. And we’re delighted that he has magically transformed the Mediterranean spirit into an enchanting fashion statement that will get you noticed. Walker’s three stunning designs celebrate all that’s good about Barcelona. From the free flowing spirit of “The Dreamer” to the instantly recognisable geometric blocks and docks of ”The Port” all the way through to the fluid expression and liquid movement of “The Diver” these are images to restore your soul and remind of the glorious passion, unique colors and vibrant spirit of the Mediterranean.



Mediterranean dreams. Espadrilles from the capsule collection. Collaboration with an artist. Handmade in Spain.


Explore the Mediterranean Dreams espadrilles collection and take yourself on a virtual journey to Barcelona’s vibrant streets and sandy beaches. Adventure awaits - make your dreams come true. Find your perfect pair today.

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