Blue espadrilles to reflect the magic Mediterranean

Blue espadrilles to reflect the magic Mediterranean

Blue tones have always been a popular choice in fashion, interior design, and even technology. 2023 is predicted to be the year of blue tones, and we couldn't be more excited.

There’s something about the color blue that connects to the soul. It’s the color of the sky and the sea and it has a calming and soothing effect making it the perfect shade to soothe us in our increasingly fast-paced and hectic lives. Blue tones such as navy, indigo, and cobalt have been trending for a while now, but in 2023, we expect to see lighter shades of blue also taking center stage. Viscata has a wide range of handmade authentic Spanish espadrilles in a variety of shades that we think will be the colors of the summer.

Blue is the natural choice.

One of the reasons blue tones are expected to be one of the most popular colors for 2023 is the rise of sustainable fashion. That’s because one of the easiest ways to create eco-friendly shoes and clothing is through natural dyes and pigments. Blue is one of those colors that can be easily derived from natural sources like indigo, making it a really sustainable espadrille option for the fashion business. Viscata believes in slow fashion and we’ve already launched a range of organic, sustainable natural dyes in a range which includes some of these natural tones. But we have a range of other blue shoes that we think might tickle your fancy this summer.

Versatile, stylish, cool

Blue is definitely on point this year. And one of the reasons is that blue tones are amongst the most versatile out there (and they’re really easy to incorporate into any look). Whether you’re looking to put together a bold statement outfit or simply want to give your ensemble a subtle Mediterranean accent, blue tones can be mixed and matched with other colors to create a cohesive and fashionable summer combo. And luckily, Viscata has many beautiful, handmade natural espadrilles that feature a variety of shades of blue to match your every desire this summer. 

Here are a few of our gorgeous summer stunners that will help you to get into the Mediterranean mood…

Blue sky thinking

It's good to step outside the every-day. It helps to give you a different perspective on life. At Viscata, we’re always encouraging our team to think beyond what’s in front of them and we think our customers feel the same. We think you’ll fall in love with our gorgeous blue Formiga canvas wedges. These stunning low heeled espadrille wedges are both stunning and stylish and they sit on a sturdy 2” heel for extra comfort and stability. Sophisticated, yet simple, these natural shoes feature a soft, feminine buckle and extra comfy leather-cushioned inner soles as well as beautifully covered back heel and a V-vamp silhouette. Don’t let the summertime blues get you down, step out in style in these fabulous blue Formigas.


sky blue espadrille platform shoes

In the Navy

Viscata has a range of shoes in traditional navy blue, the perfect color to make a statement on those more formal occasions. Navy blue is associated with confidence, trust and modesty. It’s a smart and confident color, often worn by people who value a professional image and who have a more serious and conservative view of life. These are shoes to make a statement. We love the way this classic color looks on our Candell canvas espadrilles. These stunning, natural espadrille shoes are smart, chic fashion staples. Featuring 100% organic cotton, they exude comfortable authority and will work really well with a flattering summer dress, shorts or even comfy jeans. Slip into a pair of our Candell Navy blue espadrille wedges and be sure to make a confident statement.


flat navy espadrille shoes

Jean Genie

Denim is back this year and its casual, relaxed vibe is now making an appearance on some of our shoes for laid back summer living. Jeans are associated with people who are confident, casual and carefree. Denim can be smart and stylish as well as comfortable and it's the perfect material for those women who like to take it easy. So, we think you’ll adore our gorgeous Gava canvas wedge espadrilles. Sassy and stylish, with a chic, V-cut design, these authentic Spanish espadrilles are the perfect expression of the Mediterranean spirit. Like all Viscata espadrilles, these are handmade in Spain with breathable, 100% organic canvas uppers and stunningly soft ankle ties. These shoes blend style and comfort for those who want to release their Spanish passion.

denim platform espadrille shoes


Viscata was born under a blue Mediterranean sky and we take inspiration from the beautiful things around us. This year, we were inspired by the stunning blue patterns found on traditional Mallorcan pottery to create a cool new limited edition summer espadrille that brings to life the authentic shades of the Balearic islands. Our charmingly versatile Estartit espadrilles are here. Authentic Spanish shoes like these are casual enough to wear every day, but smart enough to wear on a stylish night out. With a 3.5” natural jute wedge heel, an elegant ankle strap and a flattering closed toe, these gorgeous handmade espadrilles will complement everything from palazzo trousers and floaty dresses to your favorite pair of jeans. Release your Mediterranean spirit in these beautiful hand made espadrilles.


majolica pattern platform espadrille shoes

Blue is the color

Blue tones are a timeless and versatile color choice and they’re the perfect reflection of the Mediterranean skies we live under. We can't wait to see how it transforms the fashion and design landscape in 2023. Step out in Mediterranean style this summer. Naturally.

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