Viscata New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

Viscata New Year’s Resolutions Ideas

It’s the end of an old year and the beginning of a new one. Time to remember the good times and perhaps to reflect on the not so good times as we prepare to make the best of the year ahead. None of us are perfect and we can all improve our lives for 2024.  And January is the perfect month to do it.

When should I write my New Year’s resolutions?

Well, here’s the good news. There’s no real deadline on resolutions. Once you put your mind to it, there’s no time limit. Just be clear about what you need to work on and set about improving it. It’s not too late to use these darker winter months for a little self-reflection. Some people choose to write their new year’s resolutions down so they won’t forget. Others prefer to tell everybody so that they can be held accountable later in the year. And others simply prefer to quietly let them fade after a few months hoping that nobody will notice. But to be clear, resolutions can be made at any time of year, not just for the new year.

How long do most new year’s resolutions last?

Well, according to the latest research from Forbes the average American’s new years’ resolutions last for 3.74 months. Only 8 % of respondents stuck with their goals for one month, with another 22% lasting for two months and only 13% of respondents were still going after four months. In fact, 37% of Americans say that they set out to make New Year’s resolutions every year, with many of them giving up by January 17th (which has now become fondly known as “Ditch Your Resolutions Day”)

So what are our customers resolving for 2024?

Well we’ve been chatting to some of our customers to see how they’re planning to improve their lives for 2024. And it seems that our customers have a diverse range of hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Some want to do more travelling, others would like to spend more time in nature. Many of you said you’d like to “glam up” in 2024 while others want to be more ambitious and successful at work. Some of you told us you’d like to spend more time with nature while others wanted to be more colorful and optimistic. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular resolutions for 2024 and see if we can help you make some of them come true. And remember, we have the perfect selection of espadrilles to help you on your way.


espadrille wedges

Back to nature

This is one of the most popular resolutions. In our hectic world where many of us live stressful urban lives, sometimes it’s nice just to get back to nature, take a walk outside and breathe in some fresh air. Why should you spend more time in nature? Well not only is it an awesome thing to do, but it can dramatically reduce anxiety and improve your mental health. Here in Catalunya, we’re surrounded by beautiful scenery from the stunning mountains of the Pyrenees to the pristine and spectacular beaches of the Costa Brava, this is a natural paradise. And it’s this background that gave birth to our beautiful espadrilles. Original shoes, handmade in Spain by local artisans for authenticity and quality. We think these beautiful Barceloneta Canvas Espadrilles are the perfect pair of shoes to celebrate nature and to enjoy the natural materials we use to ensure the quality of every pair. You’re going to need some comfortable shoes if you’re going to enjoy those walks and we have just the shoes for you to celebrate nature and slow fashion your way.


light green flat espadrille shoes

Dance like nobody’s watching

We all like to break loose once in a while and give in to our passionate spirit. How many times have you caught yourself singing along to your favorite tune on the kitchen radio (wooden spoon in hand) pretending to be a rock star or a pop diva? We say enjoy the moment. Give in to the rhythm of the music and let your hips sway to the beat. Dance like nobody’s watching (even if they are) and let the passion flow. Release those endorphins and let the music move you as you shake off your inhibitions to reveal the siren spirit that lies within. There’s nothing like a dance to make you feel good. We say live in the moment and let the music flow. And if you want to inject a little Spanish joy into your best dance moves, we think these Empuria Canvas Wedges espadrilles will really get the party going. Whether you’re looking for high wedge espadrilles to increase your stature, Medium wedge espadrilles to make the most of comfort and style or low wedge espadrilles that will keep you grounded (but looking good) we have the party shoes for you.


platform espadrille sandals

Pump up your glamor

We all dream of being glamorous. We want to look beautiful all day, every day. But sometimes, for even the most gorgeous of you, your inner beauty needs a little help. Many of you told us that you wanted more glamor for 2024. And luckily, we have a range of gorgeously glamorous shoes and espadrilles that can help us to pump up the style and sophistication for the year ahead. We have a beautiful new selection of handmade Spanish shoes and espadrilles for 2024 including wedge espadrilles and wedge shoes as well as beautiful espadrille heels, espadrille sandals, espadrille platforms, espadrille wedges and espadrille flats. So, if you’re looking for inspiration to be a more glamorous version of you and if you believe in slow fashion where every stitch and tuck is authentically Spanish, then here are some beautiful Spanish shoes that we think will make you stand out from the crowds. There’s nothing like that feeling when you see heads turning out of the corner of your eye. We have the shoes for you. Introducing our stunning Elia Leather Sandal. Glamor is something to seek all year round, not just for Christmas. Step out in style in our beautiful handmade shoes and celebrate the art of slow fashion with Viscata..


gold leather platform espadrille sandals

Career focus

Some of our customers just want to focus on their career in the year ahead. Others want to have more fun. And there’s nothing wrong with that. We encourage you to seek the right balance between work and play. Viscata also loves having fun and encourages everyone to make the most of this wonderful life. But if you’re one of those who prefers to focus more on your career in 2024, we might have just what you’re looking for. In these days of casual working, fluid hours and flexibility, we have office shoes for everyone, including office espadrilles and stunning office shoes that blend casual comfort with a more sophisticated style. These authentic, handmade shoes are available in many colors and fabrics. We have suede espadrilles and leather espadrilles as well as our more traditional canvas espadrilles. We think you’ll love our Milan Leather Shoes. Viscata’s casually confident look should see you through most of your business meetings in style. And for those more formal meetings or occasions, step up the fashion focus with our sophisticated office espadrilles and handmade shoes handmade from the finest natural materials. At Viscata we have shoes that will take you from the beach to the boardroom and to keep you making an impression whatever the occasion.


Black leather woman block heeled shoes

Travel bug

If you reflected on last year and decided you need to travel more, we wouldn't blame you. Travelling helps us to make sense of the world and offers a wonderful perspective. But if you’re going to head out on your great adventure. You’ll want to do it in both comfort and style. Luckily, Viscata has the world’s widest online selection of handmade Spanish espadrilles and they’re the perfect shoe style for slipping into your bag for an exotic break. So, if this is the year you plan to make your year of adventure, then you’ll want some comfortable espadrilles or some, casual, stylish travel shoes. Viscata’s beautiful collection of travel espadrilles offer the perfect combination of style, and casual sophistication. Why not give our elegant and comfortable Pubol Canvas Wedges a try? These easy-walking shoes are guaranteed to get you in the holiday mood the moment you slip them on.


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More color

In the dark days of winter, you’ll be forgiven for reaching out for brighter colors just to provide some relief from the gloom and darkness and those early nights. If you’d like to know how to wear more colors, we say brighten up your life with a pop of color from our wide range of original espadrilles and handmade Spanish shoes. If the question is “how to wear more colors” then the answer is simple. Check out our range of beautiful handmade Spanish espadrilles and authentic Spanish shoes and choose from every color under the rainbow, including a selection  of Limited Edition colors that will set you apart from the crowd. Brighten up your life with beautiful shoes. We have red espadrilles and pink espadrilles, navy espadrilles, black and white espadrilles and many more colors designed to put a smile on your face. We might like our bright and breezy Formiga Canvas Wedges in Sky Blue . Let your shoes do the talking. It’s easy.


sky blue espadrille wedges

Be more optimistic

Many of you said you wanted a more positive attitude in 2024. But how do you become more optimistic? Well optimism is a choice that we make every day. We can choose our attitude when we get up every morning and we recommend adjusting your settings and dialling up to maximum optimism. We believe in the power of positive thinking. It suits our natural Mediterranean lifestyle and attitude. We prefer to see the silver lining, not the cloud. To discover the opportunity alongside the threat. To see the sunshine on a cloudy day. If you’re an optimistic person, you might want to check out these beautifully bright yellow shoes from Viscata. Yellow is officially the color of optimism with its connotations of happiness, creativity, engagement and sunshine. Reus Canvas Wedges are the perfect shoes to brighten up a grey day and to express your optimism. Or just put them away to brighten up even the sunniest day.


yellow espadrille wedges

Be nicer to my husband (or wife)

Many of you told us that you wanted to be nicer to your husband this year. Others said the same thing about their wives and partners. Whoever you choose, being nicer to them is always a great option. Life’s too short for unpleasantness and anger, so let’s all be a bit kinder to each other in 2024. So, if you specifically want to get on your husband’s good side, we have an awesome collection of men’s espadrilles which will keep him on the cutting edge of slow fashion. Men espadrilles are an increasingly popular style and are perfect when the flip flops are too floppy, the sneakers are too silly and you need something to bridge the gap between casual comfort and summer style. We think you’ll love our smart casual Pol Canvas Espadrilles, designed especially for men with a sense of European style. Plus, as a slow fashion brand, every pair has been handmade in Spain by artisans using ancient techniques.


khaki men's espadrille shoes

Spend more time on the beach

We all know what it feels like. The Christmas parties and celebrations are a distant memory. All you're left with now are the colder days, shorter nights and greyer skies of winter. It’s at times like this that we all dream of spending more time at the beach tanning. And why not? We all need a dream. Luckily, Viscata has the perfect shoe style for you. Whether you're looking for traditional espadrille wedges or practical espadrille flats, high heels or low heels, silk or canvas espadrilles, bright or subtle, we have the perfect shoes to help you keep the sunshine vibe alive on even the shortest and darkest of days. Imagine yourself on a white sand beach on the edge of a Mediterranean cove under a hot, bright sun. Slip into your beautiful handmade espadrilles from Viscata and slowly make your way to the cute little beach bar and order that sundowner you’ve been dreaming of all day. Slip on your most glamorous shades and stretch your tanned legs towards the summer sun. You’ve just discovered the secret of summer style. And if you’re looking for the perfect beach shoes to wear to a beach wedding, Viscata’s wide collection is sure to have the perfect style for you - including this beautiful pair of Gava Canvas Wedges to keep you looking like a movie star wherever you are.


salmon color lace up espadrille wedges

Enjoy more culture

Some of us just like having a good time. Others find stimulation in culture and more sedate and sophisticated pursuits. And culture comes in all forms these days. So if you’re into walking around the streets looking for fine art galleries and museums, we have the shoes for you. If you’re more of an opera or ballet fan, slip into these stunning and sophisticated Garda Silk Wedges for evening elegance. And if your idea of culture is a top concert tapping your toes to Ariana Grande, then we have the perfect look for that as well. Some people aren’t sure which they are - they like culture but they also love getting down to the groovy beats. We can’t answer the question of how to be more cultured - everybody’s different. Some people might choose to read books, others might want to learn another language. Some might prefer to work their way through all their favorite museums. Some people might even challenge themselves to shop smarter and to embrace the values of slow fashion. But we can offer you beautiful shoes to suit the occasion, whatever you choose.


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