Women’s Espadrilles New Patterns to Light Up Summer 2024

Women’s Espadrilles New Patterns to Light Up Summer 2024

Espadrilles are the original, historic footwear of Spain. They’ve been around for hundreds of years and traditionally feature a plain canvas upper and a natural jute sole. But all traditions have to evolve over the years if they are to stay relevant. That’s why we’ve brought these summer stunners right into the 21st century with a blend of traditional and new materials, classic style, vibrant new colors and new pattern espadrilles that express the casual and independent spirit of the Mediterranean. 



New patterns espadrilles collection. Handmade in Spain

See the light

The light in this part of the world is something special. It’s what’s attracted the planet’s best artists to seek this region out as their inspiration for some of the greatest art the world has ever seen. And this year, we’ve been inspired by the natural beauty of the Mediterranean to add an additional six vibrant new colors to our wide and distinctive color palette of Spanish espadrilles. Look out for golden tones, olive hues and garnet shades inspired by the ever changing colors and moods of this diverse region. Get ready for the softness and warmth of Cognac, the coolness of grey and the bright cherry notes that remind us of where we are. These gorgeous new shades will be available on seven of our most popular handmade espadrille styles.



New espadrilles collection in various new patterns. Handmade in Spain

Unique new patterns with a modern twist

And we’re also delighted to introduce some unique new patterns for those who like to break with tradition. Our small flower espadrille pattern was a customer favorite in 2023, so this year we’ve added our Daisy espadrille pattern, featuring delicate daisies set on an ivory backdrop. Or maybe it's time to release your inner Bohemian with our Swiss Embroidery pattern, complete with its intricate design and delicate pattern - proof (if you ever needed it) that the difference is in the details. Espadrilles with embroidery are harder to find than the standard espadrille style and we think this pattern will help you to stand out from the crowd.



New patterns collection. Daisy, ocean waves, sailor stripes, Swiss embroidery espadrille wedges. Handmade in Spain.

Nautical, but nice…

But that’s not all - we make Mediterranean espadrilles - the real deal, not a factory manufactured version. And in the spirit of the Mediterranean, we’re delighted to introduce two new designs that connect with our nautical theme. We’d like you to meet the latest addition to our espadrilles collection. Introducing our cool new Ocean Waves pattern espadrilles.


Ocean waves espadrille mules. Handmade in Spain


These simple and stunning new espadrilles are the ideal companion if you’re looking for something with a sunshine vibe and a casual beach look. And we have another pair just as packed with cool, Mediterranean vibes and a fun approach. Introducing our new striped Sailor espadrilles, with a breezy, casual look that just oozes summer fun. These fun and comfy shoes will give you the perfect look as you step aboard your boat for a summer sail or a casual dinner.


Sailor stripes espadrille wedges. Handmade in Spain.

A style for everyone

Of course, all of this new stuff is nice, but let’s not forget that our commitment to quality is based on hundreds of years of history and experience. Everything we do is grounded in tradition, but we like to give our shoes a new, modern twist to keep them as fresh as the Mediterranean wind. We make eco-friendly espadrilles that will look good and help you to feel good. And we have a style for everyone, whether you’re looking for shoes made from recycled plastic, traditional jute espadrilles, traditional espadrille sandals, espadrille flats or lace-up espadrilles. We also have  espadrille wedges, sandal wedges, flat espadrilles and many more styles, depending on your tastes and preferences.

Embracing nature

Of course, every pair of espadrilles we make at Viscata, we make the natural way, using eco-friendly materials, all natural jute and GOTS certified, 100% organic natural canvas. In fact, slow fashion is one of our most important values.



Natural jute beige espadrille wedges. Handcrafted in Spain



What goes around comes around

When we consider materials we always try to ensure that they are natural and sustainable. That’s why all our canvas is 100% organic and GOTS certified. Every piece is produced from natural fibers, which helps us to lower water and energy consumption while minimizing waste and chemical use. We also use 100% natural jute in every pair of espadrilles we sell. Jute is one of the world’s most efficient crops and reaches maturity in less than 6 months, making it the perfect natural material for an eco-friendly retailer like Viscata.



Beige Low wedge espadrille wedges. Handcrafted in Spain.

Recycled materials

Our recycled materials are locally sourced in the South of Spain from Poveda Textile. We choose our partners carefully. Poveda Textile operates from a region of Spain that is famous for its textile expertise and Poveda are “best in class” when it comes to sustainable materials. They’ve invested in a dyeing factory that uses recycled rainwater in its production process. They’re also a carbon-neutral business and support reforestation projects in the South of Spain. We use recycled materials to reduce our own carbon footprint, but it also allows us to work on exclusive designs that we would not be able to create simply with canvas, leather or suede.


Espadrilles handcrafting process. Made with natural materials

Recycled plastic

We even have shoes made from recycled plastic. We all know the impact that plastic is having on our environment. We can see its effects everywhere and it's becoming a scourge on our planet. We'd love to get rid of plastic altogether in our products. But if we did that, we wouldn't be able to offer some of the details that make our shoes so attractive. So instead, we use as many natural materials as possible and use small amounts of plastic for the detail. We also use recycled plastic in some of our products to keep our footprint even lower. Some of our shoes now feature recycled PES, which is a canvas-like fiber made with Seaqual, a polyester made entirely from plastic waste recovered from the Spanish Mediterranean. Take a look at our Barceloneta range of flat espadrilles, which uses this new material without sacrificing traditional comfort and which helps us to reduce the scourge of plastic waste.



Beige recycled PES espadrille flats. Handmade in Spain.

Making a material difference

And this year, we’re delighted to introduce some new materials for your added comfort. You’ll notice stretch fabrics such as Lycra appearing in glamorous looks include our shimmering gold fabrics for extra sparkle. Check out our Dalia elastic espadrille sandal wedges with their flexible fabric designed to wrap your feet in a warm, comfortable hug. Our lightweight materials deliver unparalleled comfort which will reduce friction for easier walking. This material is perfect for anybody with sensitive feet and will give you a comfortable ride as you set out on your next adventure.



Beige elastic espadrille sandal wedges. Handmade in Spain.



The endless summer

So, enjoy the endless summer and spend some time discovering your new best friends from amongst our latest range of Spanish espadrilles. Stand out in the sunshine with your sailor stripes as you wander from beach to bar. Slip into sunshine mode with our beautiful [Ocean Waves pattern. Make people smile with your small daisy patterns, or share your bohemian instincts with our Swiss embroidery. Wrap yourself in a warm hug with our Dalia elastic espadrilles for summer comfort. And remember, everything we do, we do with nature in mind.

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