Protecting our

Handmade heritage

Viscata follows a 600 year old tradition of hand making our espadrilles in Spain using artisan craftsmen and traditional techniques that have been passed down for centuries. These craftsmen and women are the beating heart of Viscata and a part of our extended family.

Meet Jose Miguel:
Making espadrilles by hand for 45 years.

In a little town in the hills of La Rioja, Jose Miguel is making artisanal espadrilles the old fashioned way. His skills have been handed down from generation to generation. His father and grandfather made them. He’s been making them for 45 years. And his two children make them in their spare time as they prepare for college. 

It’s this sense of pride and history and local production that makes our shoes authentic. Old fashioned methods combine seamlessly with contemporary style and modern techniques to produce timeless design and help us to deliver the most beautiful, natural hand-made espadrilles you’ll ever see.

Espadrille making tools
A hand holding tools for stitching espadrilles

We are proud of Jose Miguel and his family and the natural shoes he makes. It’s this pride that forms the basis of our values. How we work, what we leave behind and the way we treat our colleagues, our customers and our suppliers. 

We believe in the sustainable fashion movement. That’s why we have a sustainability policy - to make sure that we give back more to this earth than we take from it. And we want to make it easy for you to do the same.

Man handcrafting espadrilles

Find out more about how we hand make every pair of espadrilles with love, care (and attention to detail).

We believe in second chances.

We now offer our pre-loved espadrilles at discounted prices.
Slowly does it. The best things in life take time. Naturally.