100% natural jute

Natural jute texture


We source all our jute soles from a single supplier in the South of Spain, who is responsible for braiding the jute and assembling the sole.

Natural jute espadrilles soles
Different materials ball


Every pair of our artisanal espadrilles is made by hand and with love. More than 70% of the materials used in their construction are sourced from nature. This means that in comparison with a typical pair of sneakers, our shoes are super sustainable. Natural jute is the main component of our espadrilles.

Natural white jute plant
Natural jute eco-friendly fiber

Jute is an eco-friendly fibre extracted from the bark of the white jute plant and it’s the beating heart of any authentic espadrille. In its natural state, jute is 100% biodegradable, And there’s more. Natural jute consumes carbon dioxide, releases oxygen and (when cultivated in crop rotations) enriches the soil for the next crop. 

What's next:

This is the beginning

Right now, our Spanish partner is supplying our jute from a range of different crops grown in Bangladesh (the world’s second largest jute producer after India).

Our aim is to improve our understanding of the specific supply chain challenges provided by this unique natural material. It’s a complicated process but we’re constantly working towards giving our customers better visibility at every stage of the process.

Supply Chain Transparency

Our partnership with Product DNA allows us to track our product journey at every step, from source to shop. That way, you check out every detail of our story as we move towards greater sustainability.

We believe in second chances.

We now offer our pre-loved espadrilles at discounted prices.
Slowly does it. The best things in life take time. Naturally.