Unveiling New Horizons - Introducing Tivoli and Garda

As the Essenza Collection continues its journey through Italian cities, we’re proud to unveil two new extraordinary additions for 2023: Tivoli and Garda. These names are synonymous with Italian elegance and continental allure. Poised and serene, these stunning shoes take our collection to another level.


Elevated elegance and serene comfort

Tivoli is a place of serene beauty and enchanting gardens. That’s why we chose it as inspiration for a stunning shoe style that exudes elevated elegance and tranquil comfort. Inspired by the cascading fountains and lush landscapes of Villa d'Este, these platform shoes embrace the harmony between nature and design, enveloping you in a world of refined comfort. Tivoli lends its name to a special shoe that oozes understated elegance. These shoes have a refined aesthetic, a comfortable platform and plush padding which will effortlessly transport you to a world of refined comfort and style. Be inspired by Tivoli's enchanting allure. Where effortless elegance meets serene comfort.

Woman wearing a white pleated dress outfit paired with Tivoli black leather slingback shoes

Essenza Collection

Embrace the elegance of Milan, the romance of Verona and the effortless... 

Garda Silk & Suede

Timeless glamor and self-expression

Garda is a shimmering jewel nestled amidst picturesque and dramatic landscapes. It lends its name to a shoe that captures the essence of timeless glamor and confident self-expression. Inspired by the tranquility of Lake Garda, these shoes have a harmonious blend of natural allure and timeless elegance, enveloping you in an aura of understated sophistication. With their captivating design, impeccable craftsmanship, and confident silhouette, these shoes will inspire you to embrace your inner sophistication and express your unique style. Every step immerses you in the serene ambiance of Garda, where captivating elegance meets unparalleled comfort. Let your journey unfold amidst the breathtaking vistas that mirror the essence of these exceptional shoes.

Woman wearing an elegant black dress outfit paired with Garda burgundy silk slingback shoes