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Summer Fashion Trends for Espadrilles

Ah summer! It’s the season to let your hair down in the warmth of the sunshine, go casual, and go minimal with clothing. It’s the time of the year when you finally enjoy freedom of movement from wearing less and oh that welcome hotness so missed in the far colder months of the year! And then there are places on the planet with everlasting summery weather all year-round. These are the tropical countries where cool clothes are the tall order.

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What to Pack for a Weekend Summer Getaway

It’s summertime once again!  Going on a summer getaway?  Having a problem thinking what to pack for the trip?  Fret no more, following are very helpful tips that will surely benefit you.  Summer clothes are thin and light.  Dressing is minimal owing to the hot weather.  Shoes are no different.  Boots that take up a lot of space and weigh a ton are out.  Easy breezy, right?  Right, except that you still need to consider certain factors to ensure you bring everything you need and make your trip a delight instead of a disaster.

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10 Must Have Summer Looks for 2015

Summer consists of longer days with the sun shining gloriously all around! It’s definitely a time for fun, lively colours, and summer getaways. As with other seasons, it requires a specific set of clothing, shoes, and accessories to match the often scorching temperatures. And you guess right! Espadrilles and wedge sandals are two of the standard summer shoes everyone ought to have. This year is no different from years past; these two fashion pieces continue to be regular staples that every wardrobe should possess.

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