women espadrilles wedges breathable fabrics made in spain

Beautiful beach shoes for summer loving!

At Viscata, we often ask ourselves if we are the luckiest people on earth. We live in a part of Spain that is blessed. We’re based in beautiful Barcelona, the capital of Catalunya - one of Spain’s most historic provinces. Our city is bathed in sunshine for most of the year and our shores are washed by warm Mediterranean waters. Our food is fresh, locally sourced and healthy and the people of Spain are never in a hurry to do things. Instead, they prefer to stroll with their families and take time for the important things.

Barcelona Skyline

Music, love and laughter are all around. And there’s a unique sense of casual style and sophistication that is particular to this part of the world. Effortless, chic and cool - it says everything you need to know about the Mediterranean way of life.

We are so moved by the beauty that surrounds us that we’ve even taken to naming our beautiful espadrilles after some of the prettiest places in Spain. So, this week we thought we’d connect the dots and showcase some of the beautiful beaches and coves that have inspired us to make these lovely, traditional Mediterranean shoes.

We’ll start off close to Viscata’s home town, Barcelona...

Beautiful Barceloneta

Let’s start off with our beautiful Barcelonetas - beautiful, casual shoes in a range of colors that will carry you in casual style on one of those hot trips to the beach. These gorgeous Spanish slip ons are comfortable and easy on the eye. Lightweight and comfortable, these compact casuals are so versatile, you’ll never want to take them off. And they’re versatile and compact so they’re the perfect shoes to pack for that weekend break. Plus they come in a huge range of colors, styles and fabrics to suit your mood. Step into a pair of these shoes and you’ll feel like you’re in an endless summer. We’ve named these beauties after one of our favourite parts of Barcelona, known as Barceloneta....

women espadrilles flat slip on breathable fabrics made in spain

At the bottom of the old town, just beyond the Gothic quarter with its narrow streets and twisted alleyways, lies the little fishing community of Barceloneta. For many visitors to our intriguing and stylish city, this area has become synonymous with Barcelona and is one of the main reasons that visitors keep returning to this city. Barcelona is not a resort city. It is an important and vibrant place with a rich history and tradition that goes back thousands of years. But until the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, it had no beach.

So, the local Government made one. In fact, they shipped in hundreds of tons of sand from Africa and made several and they now stretch for miles all along the western coast of this atmospheric town.


The fishing community still exists in the narrow streets of Barceloneta and washing lines are strung between balconies to add color and atmosphere to what is still a beautiful place. The old locals are still there and can be spotted standing in doorways, propping up the bar in old bodegas, eating freshly caught fish and local tapas alongside their wine and beer.

Barceloneta quarter

And then you break through the gap at the end of the street and the great blue of the Mediterranean opens up in front of you. Cute little beach bars, called Chiringuitos, dot the coast to cool the hot sunbathers. Superyachts sail by in the distance and SUPS float happily just off the shore. Jugglers brighten up the sidewalks and live music from hugely talented buskers is usually the dish of the day, wherever you go. If you’re looking for a city break that combines extraordinary history, rich culture, stunning architecture and a laid back vibe then Barcelona is for you.

But you’ll need comfortable, stylish and versatile shoes to carry you through the day and luckily, Viscata has got just the shoes for you. Slip into a pair of our versatile Barcelonetas and stroll down to the beach that inspired these beautiful shoes. Look cool and stay cool as you soak up the casual beach vibe. Maybe there’s time for one more Sangria after all!

women espadrilles flat slip on breathable fabrics made in spain

So, if you’re looking for a place to cool down after all that walking, a nice spot on the beach at Barceloneta could be just the place for you.

Magical Menorca

Our Menorquinas are this year’s must have summer style and you can slip into a pair of these classic leather summer sandals for the perfect transition from the beach to the terraza. These are so classy, you can even wear them to work. You can dress up or down in these gorgeous shoes and mix and match with everything from jeans to a floaty summer sundress. Plus, we have an enormous range of styles and fabrics to choose from, inspired by the Mediterranean beauty of the Balearic islands...

women avarca sandals flat slip on premium leather made in spain

For those of you who prefer island life, we simply can’t recommend Menorca enough. Set in the middle of the azure sea, this beautiful Balearic island is dotted with stunning, unforgettable fantasy beaches. Just imagine a rich, fertile interior with traditional, small whitewashed Spanish towns to explore. On the edge of the island, think tiny coves ( or “Calas'') that snake their way through the green trees that encircle and protect them.

Crystal clear waters, casual beach bars and a hot sun over a bright blue sky, Menorca is the type of place that dreams are made of. If you want to, you can go hiking across the hot, rugged interior of the island. It’s beautiful. But we suspect you might prefer finding a secluded little beach somewhere, stretching out your towel and catching some rays.

Menorca Balearic Islands Turqueta

Every so often, you’ll want to cool down in the sea, which is lucky, since it is turquoise blue and as warm as bath water. And in the evening, you might want to wind down with the locals favorite tipple - a Pomada. This refreshing drink is made with Xoriguer Gin. The island has a gin-making tradition that British sailors brought with them when they occupied it centuries ago. It is still made by the same family in the little village of Mahon as it has been for generations.

So, sit back, pour yourself a Pomada and settle back to watch one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see. Our Menorquinas are the perfect shoes for this island. Beautiful, handmade and stylish you can look like a local as you stroll from the beach to the bar. And once the holiday’s over, you’ll turn heads at home as well.

women avarca sandals flat slip on premium leather made in spain 2

Romantic Roses

Roses shoes are one of our most popular styles and it’s easy to see why. These effortlessly elegant pointed espadrille wedge pumps are style classics and we’ve perked them up with a cheeky charm and a flattering 2.5 inch wedge heel. The result is one of our most comfortable cotton canvas shoes, lined with natural leather for a more comfortable fit. These shoes are inspired by the Costa Brava holiday town of Roses - the perfect place to stroll out in style on a summer’s evening....

Roses Canvas women espadrilles wedge pumps breathable fabrics made in spain

Barcelona is certainly blessed with an extraordinary location. With all that sun, sea and sand on our doorstep, it’s very tempting never to leave town. But that would be a mistake. Catalunya’s coast is dotted with gorgeous beach spots wherever you go. Head North for a few hours towards France and 45 minutes before you hit the border, you’ll pass through the little Costa Brava town of Roses.

Roses Costa Brava Catalonia

This ancient seafaring town dates back as far as the Greeks and in the 21st century, it has reinvented itself as a modern resort with beaches, bars and a great nightlife. If you’re into walking, there are plenty of dramatic, unspoiled trails to hike nearby. But if it’s beaches you’re after, some of the most attractive of the Mediterranean are nearby. The beaches around here seem to stretch forever and there is a stunning maritime walkway that offers views of the ancient Roman ruins of Empuries as well as stunning Mediterranean vistas.

empuries ruins costa brava catalonia

At the end of this trail lies the little fishing town of L’Escala (inspiration for another of our beautiful shoes) with its own charming seafront promenade, lovely beaches and an amazing selection of seafood restaurants offering fresh produce, often plucked straight from the ocean and served the same day. And if you’ve had too much beach time, you could always head up the coast towards Figueres to see the extraordinary Dali museum. The ancient city of Girona is also nearby. Game of Thrones fans might recognise it as the site of many of the most dramatic scenes in the series. Whatever your preference, make sure you try some of the local restaurants. Step out with a little pizazz in our gorgeously elegant Roses pumps and be the star of the show.

Roses Canvas women espadrilles wedge pumps breathable fabrics made in spain

Breathtaking Begur

Slip into a pair of these classic Begur slip on espadrilles with their original white stitching to help you to dial up the style. These classic espadrilles are functional, stylish and portable, they’re the perfect shoes for men who like a bit of class during the summer months. Comfortable enough to wear to the beach and stylish enough to wear to the bar, these shoes are named after one of our favorite Spanish towns...

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics made in spain

In the charming fishing village of Begur, a few hours drive up the coast from Barcelona, lies one of the prettiest coves in the Costa Brava. Charming fisherman’s houses have been transformed into beachfront accommodation and the sheltered cove offers some of the most tranquil waters anywhere along this coast. The sea here is so clear you can see every pebble and fish on the sand below and the shallow waters mean that the sea temperature heats up fast and stays that way longer.

Begur Costa Brava

This is a stunning little spot for chilling out. Don’t expect much nightlife or clubbing. It’s not that kind of place. In fact, the beach is only 80 metres long and 15 metres wide. Instead, it’s the perfect location for a spot of chilling with a cold drink and a beautiful view. A lovely spot for a bit of lunch and a glass or two of chilled local wine. This little cove is a little off the beaten track, but once you get there, you’ll love it.

We think this is such a lovely place that we’ve named one of our most popular men’s espadrilles after it. Take a look at our casual but cool Begurs - these are the shoes that will get you to the beach and back in style. And help you to turn heads when you get there!

men espadrilles slip on breathable fabrics made in spain

Gorgeous Gava

Our pretty Gava wedges are named after a lovely beach just North of Barcelona. With their pretty laces and modern v-cut design, these wedges simply scream Mediterranean. Slip into these lovely shoes for an effortlessly chic vibe and enjoy the confidence of a 2.5 inch heel and extra cushiony inner soles. These shoes are really easy to tie up, but if you’re having any worries, check out our video here. Then imagine yourself sipping a chilled glass of Spanish white wine at a little Chiringito beach bar on the edge of the Mediterranean...

Gava Canvas women espadrilles wedge laceups breathable fabrics made in spain

Not all of the beach action is in the world famous Costa Brava. While most people head up North for the inspiration of the rugged coast, Barcelona’s southern neighbours also have plenty to offer for those who’d rather not spend their days on an urban beach.

For something a bit different, head south towards the Costa Dorada, Catalunya's Gold Coast. Perhaps it’s not quite as dramatic as the Costa Brava, but it does have some advantages. Less tourists means more locals and that can really help if you’re looking for a truly authentic Spanish experience. And the beaches of the Costa Dorada are connected via a really easy train route from Barcelona that hugs the coastline and drops you off at any number of picturesque coastal villages and towns that are easy to get to and much less crowded.

Costa Daurada Catalonia

Further south towards Tarragona, only an hour away from Barcelona, and you’ll pick up a very different vibe. From the vibrant Miami Beach on the edge of Tarragona to the picturesque Altafulla beach with its wide expanse of sand, fisherman’s huts dotted along the shoreline and a dramatic castle towering over the beach from its rocky outcrop, this is a lovely place to get away from it all. But for those who don’t fancy travelling that far, just get off at Gava and its sister beach, Gava Mar. Only half an hour from Barcelona, this beach feels like it’s part of the Barcelona family. It sits 20km south of the city and is easily accessed by train.

Playa-Gavà Catalonia

There’s 2.5 miles of wide and clean beach overlooked by pristine forests and a unique ecosystem of preserved sand dunes hugging the coast. It’s a modern town, almost connected with its neighbour in Castelldefels, but it boasts wide, sandy beaches, lively bars and restaurants and a backdrop of green mountains to keep things cool. Our Gava espadrilles are effortlessly chic and full of the spirit of the Mediterranean, just like the beach town that bears its name.

Gava Canvas women espadrilles wedge laceups breathable fabrics made in spain

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