Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

Here comes the bride (at last…)

Thousands of blushing brides had to put their wedding plans on hold this year as Coronavirus tried its best to stamp out their dreams. But humans are resilient and the dreams were just deferred. While many people were able to celebrate their love (despite the obstacles) many others decided to put their events on hold until things have started to settle down a bit.

In fact, more than 90% of all 2020 weddings will be pushed back into 2021 and 2022. All of this pent-up demand is about to be released and love is (once again) in the air. So hold on to your dreams and start thinking about your wedding outfits. The year ahead is widely predicted to be the year of the wedding!

Making up for lost time...

As welcome as this comeback is, it brings challenges of its own. Many venues have already been booked; high demand and a poor year of profits to catch up on has forced suppliers to increase prices. From caterers to photographers and from dressmakers to cake makers, it’s going to be tough getting exactly what you want, when you want it (and at a price you can afford).

So, our advice is to get going early and prepare to be flexible. It will be more than worth it in the end.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

Viscata has the perfect wedding shoes

But, with all of those conditions, one thing you won’t have to worry about is looking good. Viscata’s gorgeous espadrilles, handmade with love in Spain, could be just the perfect thing for your wedding.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

We have everything from elegant shoes for the bride, to matching bridesmaid shoes. We have shoes for you to dance the night away in and shoes to help you make the perfect post-celebration getaway. We have comfortable and elegant shoes for the beautiful bride as well as her guests. We also have the perfect shoes for your honeymoon to ensure you’ll look as stylish once you're married as you were during your wedding.

Wedding central...

All our shoes are handmade, using natural products and centuries old techniques. Every step oozes casual sophistication - and they’ll look gorgeous in your photos as you look back on your beautiful day. Plus, Viscata has the largest online selection of espadrilles available on the planet - and one of the largest color ranges anywhere. We’re sure that once you’ve seen our shoes Viscata will quickly become wedding central as you plan for your special day.

So, while we’d love you to check out our entire wedding collection, we thought we’d make life a little easier by sharing a selection of beautiful espadrilles that we think will help to make your wedding one to remember. And as you’re walking down the aisle in our beautiful shoes, remember, the best things come to those who wait.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

For the bride: Arbucies Silk Bridal Espadrille Wedges

The bride is the star of every wedding. Naturally. So much effort, planning and stress goes into making this the most special day of a bride’s life that anything we can do to make it easier has to be a good thing.

We think a bride can fall in love twice. Once with her husband and once with her shoes. That’s why we think these gorgeous Arbucies Silk Bridal Espadrille wedges are what every bride wants on her feet on her special day. Made with the softest silk uppers and an elegant open toe design, these gorgeous bridal shoes will definitely make you the center of attention. Elegant, timeless and absolutely stunning, these shoes will live on well past the wedding and be a constant reminder of what a special day it was, long after the other details have faded.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

For the bridesmaid/Maid of Honor: Satuna Ivory

We all know that the bride is the star of any wedding. And that’s as it should be. But the bridesmaids also need a little spotlight shining on them. That’s why these sleek and flattering Satuna shoes, in ivory, are the perfect pair to wear.

Pretty enough to stand out from the crowd but subtle enough not to distract from the bride, these classic shoes are perfect for any wedding. With a 3/5” heel and a comfortable jute base, they also feature an elegant, easy-to-adjust strap which will keep you looking feminine and flirty all night long. Plus, these gorgeous shoes are versatile enough to wear once the wedding is done. They might just end up being your favorite pair.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection

For the “getaway”: Solsona

It’s all very well hosting the best party of anybody’s lifetime, but eventually every bride has to leave and begin the next phase of her life. But before that, there’s the little matter of a honeymoon. In recent years, the way you leave a wedding has become almost as important as the rest of it. Crowds gather to wish you well and throw the bouquet in the air for the next lucky bride to catch. Then you step into a car (or a boat or a helicopter) cheered on by the ones you love and showered with confetti by well wishers.

And as you step into the back of that car, your guests will notice your beautiful Solsonas. These crocheted ivory platform wedges offer effortless elegance and practical comfort, with their adjustable ankle straps and sturdy 3 ¾” heel, they;ll be perfect for the next stage of your adventure. Oozing boho chic, your guests will be talking about these shoes for years to come!

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection Solsona Platforms

For relaxing: Menorquina leather Avarcas

And breathe! When all the stress of the wedding is behind you and you’re looking for something comfortable to relax in after the dancing is done, slip a pair of our beautiful Avarcas into your overnight bag. You’ll be glad you did.

Super comfortable and versatile as well as stylish and super trendy right now, these shoes have become the breakout hit across Europe this summer. Practical, pretty and better than flip flops, these classics will keep the good times rolling when all the guests have gone. Perfect for strolling around town or ambling along a beach, they come in a range of 10 vibrant and confident colors to suit your mood. From sky blue to navy blue and from vivid red to bright orange, we have a color for you. You might even want to buy a few pairs while you’re at it!

Viscata Made in Spain Menorquina Avarca Sandals

For your guests: Ullastret

This is a big occasion for your guests as well. They will have been fretting about their outfits and what to wear for several weeks before the wedding. So, if they’re dithering or need some advice, you could always point them in the direction of our comfortable and classic Ullastret wedges.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection Ullastret

Handcrafted with soul in Spain, your guests can step out in style with these ultra comfortable and stylish shoes. Built on a 2.5” wedge heel made from natural jute for maximum comfort, they also feature a super elegant strap for a little added femininity. Plus, they’re supremely versatile and should have a life long beyond the wedding, so everybody wins.

Viscata Made in Spain Espadrille Wedges Bridal Collection Ullastret

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