• Medium Wedge

    Moderate height wedge heel for lift and stability

    medium wedge 
  • Closed toe

    Covers the entire front of the foot for a more polished look

    closed toe 
  • Slingback

    Open back with a strap around the ankle for easy on and off

  • U-Cut

    A curved cut-out on the vamp of the shoe with a touch of elegance

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It's one of our prettiest shoes. A delicate profile, a subtle slingback, a low buckle wedge and a gorgeous ankle strap. We think these elegant, pointed-toe espadrilles could be the shoes of the summer. And we have them in colors to suit your every mood.

Elegance, style and comfort.

Woman wearing a colorful dress paired with Palomera canvas cherry slingback espadrille wedges
Palomera canvas swiss embroidery woman espadrille wedges
  • Stripes

    These shimmering shoes add a touch of elegance to any outfit, whether you're strolling along the beach or sipping cocktails.

    Palomera Stripes 
  • Swiss Embroidery

    Elevate your footwear game with our Swiss embroidery espadrilles. These shoes are a blend of artistry and fashion.

    Palomera Swiss Embroidery 
  • Brown

    Indulge in floral charm with our latest espadrilles adorned with vibrant flowers. Embrace the beauty of nature with every step you take.

    Palomera Brown 
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How can I style them?

Versatile enough for all occasions, our Palomera wedges effortlessly transition from romantic outings to casual-chic affairs. Embrace date nights by pairing these medium wedge slip-ons with a flowy dress, capturing Palomera's enchantment. For daytime elegance, let the closed pointed toe add a touch of sophistication to tailored trousers and a blouse.

How to take care of your Palomera shoes?

Remember, you should never use the washing machine to clean espadrilles, as the Jute will shrink and lose its elasticity.

Wash The Canvas
Cleaning canvas espadrilles couldn’t be easier. Just follow these four simple steps:

1. Dampen a brush or sponge with slightly soapy water.

2. Delicately dab the stain, taking care not to rub too hard.

3. Finish off by rinsing the espadrilles gently with a damp cloth.

4. Leave them to air dry (never put them in the dryer) but make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight to stop the colors from fading.

Wash The Jute
To clean this crucial shoe component, gently wipe with a damp, mildly soapy sponge, using small motions to avoid unraveling the jute. For odor elimination, sprinkle talcum powder in the shoes and leave overnight. With regular maintenance, these durable and comfortable shoes will endure season after season, remaining in excellent condition.

Extra Care
For a powerful clean, make sure to check our shoe protector

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