What goes around comes around…

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We love recycling

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Our recycled materials (like our organic canvas) are locally sourced in the South of Spain from Poveda Textil. This region is famous for its textile expertise, and our provider is best-in-class when it comes to sustainable materials. 

They’ve even invested in a dyeing factory which uses recycled rainwater in its production process.

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Green forest

They're also a carbon neutral business and they support several reforestation projects in the South of Spain, an area which is strongly impacted by climate change.

This commitment to local production is eco-friendly and allows us to keep our eco footprint light.

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Using recycled materials allows us to reduce our carbon footprint and to work on exclusive designs we would not be able to create with canvas, leather or suede alone.

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Whats next:

This is the beginning

Over the coming years, we have pledged to promote conscious consumption and to work with other recycled materials such as Seaqual, which recycles plastic waste sourced directly from the Mediterranean sea.

Supply Chain Transparency

We collaborate with Product DNA who track our product journey from source to shop so that you can checkout our story in detail. Learn more about the product journey of our recycled espadrilles.

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We believe in second chances.

We now offer our pre-loved espadrilles at discounted prices.
Slowly does it. The best things in life take time. Naturally.