How to style my espadrilles?

How to style my espadrilles?

Women’s espadrilles have gone from strength to strength over the years and these days, they might seem a long way away from their original roots as authentic shoes for 14th century Spanish foot soldiers. These humble shoes have moved rapidly upscale in the last 600 years, but in the 1970s, they got an unexpected boost when Yves St Laurent took them to the catwalks of Paris. This was the moment that espadrilles were first catapulted to the world’s attention.


Since then, they have been seen on the feet of royalty and rockstars, movie icons and models, politicians and musicians. These days, they are most clearly associated with Kate Middleton style. The iconic princess is often seen sporting a pair on memorable occasions from royal tours to school sports days. And she’s not alone. Over the years, these iconic shoes have been worn by glamorous women everywhere, from Audrey Hepburn to Marilyn Monroe and from Queen Leticia of Spain to Jennifer Lopez. These are shoes that were made for summer style but are versatile enough to wear all year round.


medium wedge woman shoes

Are espadrilles in style?


Yes. Espadrilles are timeless classics and they are always in style. That’s why they’ve become the firm favorites of celebrities and “those who know”. Every so often, somebody famous steps out in them and the ensuing news coverage drives another boom in their popularity. But these perennial shoes are perfect for all occasions and (contrary to popular opinion) you can wear them throughout the year. Many people associate these original and authentic shoes with the summer months, but we have women’s espadrille shoes for you, whatever the occasion and whatever the time of year. They’re also incredibly versatile and easy to mix and match with an enormous variety of outfits from beach casual to super sleek and sophisticated. 


woman wearing wide jumpsuit and flat espadrille shoes


What to wear with espadrilles?


The versatility of espadrilles means you can pair them with virtually anything, whatever the season. At Viscata, we have plenty for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for closed toe espadrilles or open toe espadrilles, we’re sure to have a style that suits you. If you prefer to add a little height to your outfits (but not too much), we have low wedge espadrilles that are the ideal easy-walking shoes. Or you may prefer medium wedge espadrilles with a more sturdy, stable structure for stepping out in confidence and style. And if you really want to make a statement, you’ll definitely get noticed in our stunning high wedge espadrilles. Stand tall and proud in these stunning shoes.


woman wearing mini summer dress and medium wedge espadrilles


For a chic and casual look, pair our open-toe low wedge espadrilles with a flowy midi sundress or a pair of wide-leg linen pants. Low wedge espadrilles give you just the right amount of lift, making them ideal for daytime outings or fun occasions such as brunch with friends. Opt for a classic striped shirt and tailored shorts for a timeless nautical look with our medium wedge espadrilles. These shoes provide stability so you can confidently step out in style. And if you’re looking to make a bold statement, our high wedge espadrilles are ideal. Why not consider matching them with a flowing maxi dress or a stunning jumpsuit for a glamorous evening look? No matter the style, espadrilles effortlessly blend comfort and fashion, making them a versatile addition to your wardrobe. Stand tall and proud in our stunning espadrilles, ready to make heads turn wherever you go.


What color of espadrilles should I wear?


That’s entirely up to you, but there are espadrilles in an array of colors to match every season and every occasion. In fact, at Viscata, you can shop by color so you can quickly find the exact shade you need to match your mood. If you’d like some tips on the coolest colors for winter, read our recent blog article here. Whether you’re looking for black espadrilles, navy espadrilles, white espadrilles, pink espadrilles or even red espadrilles, we have every color under the sun available on a huge range of models (including our classic wedge espadrilles) so you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you’re looking for different espadrille choices, we have plenty of wedge shoes available for all occasions.


rose pink wedge espadrilles

Can you wear espadrilles to work?


Yes. While most people think of espadrilles as casual summer shoes, there are colors, styles and materials that make them amongst the most versatile of all shoes and definitely suitable for all occasions, including work. We think stunning shoes like ours help to make the transition between work and life as seamless as possible so you can slip easily from office mode to casual drinks without missing a step. And our year round premium Essenza Collection blends Spanish craftsmanship with Italian style for a perfect office look. You can learn more about our handmade premium shoe collection here.


office outfit with espadrilles

Who wears espadrilles?


Everybody wears espadrilles. The beauty of these versatile, everyday shoes is that there is a style and a shade for everyone. The world’s largest online range of espadrilles can be found at Viscata, where they have more than 500 styles and colors of espadrilles available online. Espadrille wedges are by far the most popular espadrille style, typified by the classic jute platform sole that is a hallmark of authentic, original espadrilles. Some people like to ride high on our beautiful espadrille heels. Others like to keep it calm in our authentic, handmade espadrille flats or espadrille sandals. Well made espadrilles are amongst the most comfortable shoes out there. They are amongst the best walking shoes for women.


woman wearing medium espadrille wedges


Are handmade shoes better?


Yes. Every pair of our Viscatas is handmade with love by our artisan shoemakers deep in the Spanish countryside. Many of these artisans have been making these shoes by hand for many years and the skills have been passed down from generation to generation. Jose Miquel and his family have been fashioning espadrilles using traditional techniques for hundreds of years and that skill and special touch is what makes our authentic espadrilles original. And his dedication to his craft is palpable. Just listen to him talk about his passion here and you’ll understand what we mean. Viscata’s range includes traditional canvas espadrilles, premium leather espadrilles and soft suede espadrilles. And if you’re looking for something a little more delicate, slip into a pair of our elegant shoes and you can shop by tying type and discover a world of delicate ankle straps, slingback heels, slip-ons and lace-ups.


black low wedge espadrille shoes


Not only is every pair of his handmade jute soled espadrilles infused with love, passion and commitment but he champions local suppliers and natural materials to ensure that he produces beautiful sustainable shoes while minimising his impact on the environment. There is something about the labor-intensive approach to handcrafting the shoes, the obsession with quality and comfort and the pride and passion that goes into every pair that makes these shoes unique and original. Some people call it slow fashion. We call it character. And it’s something that we think is lacking in mass produced, factory-made shoes. Others prefer to make a statement with their platform espadrilles. So, if you can’t decide what heel style you prefer, you can simply shop by heel style and choose exactly the pair that suits you best.


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