Explore Our Redefined Essenza Collection: Handmade Shoes for Fall Fashion

Explore Our Redefined Essenza Collection: Handmade Shoes for Fall Fashion

Where Italian style meets Spanish tradition

Viscata women like the finest things in life. They are free spirits. They have a sense of adventure. They are confident and they carry their style on the outside. But they’re also dreamers who adapt and change to make the most of their opportunities. Last year, we introduced our Essenza Collection of premium hand made shoes for the cooler months. And Viscata women loved our autumn shoes so much that they asked for more. We listened to their feedback and we went back to the drawing board to make this year’s Essenza Collection even better. And with the new fall colors and styles from Pantone featuring the trendiest tones for the autumn, we think you’re going to love them.

blonde woman wearing Garda silk burgundy wedges

Changing styles and changing seasons 

It’s interesting how our minds adapt to the seasons. Gone is the sound of waves lapping against a sandy shore and the gentle breezes of summer. Now that Autumn’s here, those crashing waves have been replaced with the sound of crunchy leaves under foot. The warmth of the sun is now the glow of a roaring log fire. And those pina coladas will be replaced with hot spiced wine. And to make it all even better, we’re bringing back Essenza for all your fall fashion needs and with all the improvements you asked for. So, what are the improvements in Viscata’s Essenza Collection?


Better than ever

Here are some of the things we've improved about the Essenza Collection since it first appeared last year. We've added soft cushioning to the heels for extra comfort. We've introduced foamized leather inners to make you feel like you're walking on clouds. Our craftsmen and women have applied a new turned stitching technique to prevent uncomfortable chafing. We've strengthened the forefoot with a reinforced insole for a more satisfying walking experience. And finally (since our customers come in all sizes) we've made the sides more flexible so that these shoes can easily adapt to your foot, whatever your shape.

The result is a stunning collection of high quality handmade shoes designed to keep you looking stylish and comfortable during those cozy autumn months.

Premium materials

Viscata has launched Essenza 2024, inspired by the beautiful fashion cities of Italy and featuring our favorite fall styles. And now we've made our fall collection better than ever. We’ve listened to what you said and packed these beautiful shoes full of premium features including the softest suede and leather sourced to LWG standards. With our new collection on sale now with its Italian twist, many people are asking is the Essenza Collection still handmade in Spain? And the answer is a resounding yes. It’s the place where Spanish heritage and Italian style meet for the best of both worlds.

Verona leather brown and suede black wedges

Step out in style

When Italian style meets Spanish heritage, something special is going to happen. It's clear from the amazing reaction to Viscata’s first ever fall collection last year, that our customers love these beautifully designed and crafted artisan shoes, handmade by Spanish artisans and inspired by the romance of Italy. And the Essenza Collection features all your favorite materials from LWG certified leather shoes made from the finest Italian leather to the softest suede shoes. The new collection features a variety of women’s shoes and espadrilles including women’s business shoes with closed toe wedges, leather flats, suede flats, leather wedges, suede wedges, leather low block heels, suede low block heels, leather slip on and suede slip on shoes are all featured in this elegant selection of comfortable Spanish handmade leather shoes, handmade suede shoes and fall espadrilles. So, what is the Essenza Collection all about?


Embracing the elegance of Italy’s most stylish cities

In the heart of Italy, where history and beauty converge, lies the inspiration behind Viscata’s Essenza collection. Shoes that you can step out in even when the warm weather has gone. Each model represents a distinct city or region offering a gateway to a world where elegance, comfort, and a touch of Italian allure blend seamlessly. Essenza is a timeless journey through some of Italy's most enigmatic places. With exquisite designs, premium materials and the finest Italian leather, each pair encapsulates the essence of Viscata women. Elegant, comfortable and relaxed, these shoes reflect the vibrant energy that radiates from these remarkable destinations.


Roma - effortless & feminine

Hand touching the leg wearing flat leather burgundy woman shoes

Roma is a city of grandeur and ancient wonders. It radiates effortless charm and feminine grace. That’s why we chose it as the inspiration for these beautiful leather flats and suede flats which celebrate the art of living in the present. An effortless combination of contemporary twists add to the classic elements you’d expect from the eternal city. The result? Beautiful flat shoes that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Our gorgeous Roma leather flats are built for comfort with their soft, foamized leather inner, turned stitching and cushioned heel, these comfortable classics are better than ever. And with their minimal 1” wedge they're ideal for easy walking around your favorite cities.

As you wander through Rome’s charming streets, channel the spirit of iconic personalities and embrace your inner Audrey Hepburn, radiating confidence and easy elegance with every step. Crafted with the finest materials sourced from the Italian regions, these shoes pay homage to the city's majestic monuments and evoke a sense of enduring grace. 


Verona - romantic & sophisticated

Verona leather burgundy woman wedge shoes

Verona, the city of love and poetic charm, breathes life into a design that captures the essence of romance. With delicate details and a captivating silhouette, our Verona leather women’s wedges transport you to the enchanting streets of Verona where Shakespearean tales unfold around every corner. Allow yourself to be caught up in a world where passion and elegance dance hand in hand. Verona is steeped in timeless romance and captivating elegance. And it’s that spirit of passion that inspired our Verona shoes. These alluring leather slip on shoes and suede slip on shoes, feature delicate curves, luxurious textures, and intricate embellishments that capture the essence of Verona's enchanting atmosphere. These gorgeous Verona leather wedges are built for comfort. With their soft, foamized leather inner, turned stitching and soft, cushioned heel, these comfortable classics are now better than ever.

Step into their exquisite embrace, and let the Mediterranean spirit of love and sophistication guide your journey through Verona's storied streets.


Milan - elegant & business-like

black suede heeled woman shoes

Milan, the fashion capital of the world, infuses its vibrant energy into a Viscata shoe that embodies contemporary style and Italian flair. With sleek lines and modern elegance, these smart shoes with their leather low block heels epitomize Milan’s dynamic spirit, empowering you to make a bold fashion statement with every step.

Viscata’s Milan shoes are the result of a careful blend of cosmopolitan sophistication and a refined business culture, the muse for an impeccably elegant pair of shoes. We have two versions of these shoes - our elegant Milan leather heels and our gorgeous Milan suede heels. With a sleek and stylish silhouette, accentuated by a pointed toe and a modest, yet empowering heel, these shoes are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and using premium materials. They effortlessly embody the essence of Milan's bustling metropolis, so you will command attention and exude confidence with every step you take. These easy walking shoes are perfect to keep you comfortable all day long.

And now, we’re delighted to introduce the latest additions to our fall collection. 


Meet Garda and Tivoli

Garda - timeless glamor and self-expression

3 colors of Garda ankle strap wedges

Garda is a shimmering jewel nestled amidst picturesque and dramatic landscapes. It lends its name to a shoe that captures the essence of timeless glamor and confident self-expression. Inspired by the tranquility of Lake Garda, these glamorous Garda wedges have a harmonious blend of natural allure and timeless elegance. With their captivating design, impeccable craftsmanship, and confident silhouette, these shoes will inspire you to embrace your inner sophistication and help you to express your unique style. Every step immerses you in the serene ambiance of Garda, where captivating elegance meets unparalleled comfort. Let your journey unfold amidst the breathtaking vistas that mirror the essence of these exceptional shoes. These gorgeous Garda wedges come in two styles, sophisticated Garda suede wedges and stunning Garda silk wedges. They also feature a 2.5” heel, pretty ankle straps and an attractive open toe design. And for extra comfort, we’ve added flexible sides and a soft, cushioned heel. Step out in European style with these elegant stunners.


Tivoli - elevated elegance and serene comfort

Burgundy leather woman wedge shoes


Tivoli is a place of serene beauty and enchanting gardens. That’s why we chose it as inspiration for a stunning shoe style that exudes elevated elegance and tranquil comfort. Inspired by the cascading fountains and lush landscapes of Villa d'Este, these platform shoes embrace the harmony between nature and design, enveloping you in a world of refined comfort. Tivoli lends its name to a special shoe that oozes understated elegance. These Tivoli leather wedges have a refined aesthetic, an elegant pointed toe, a comfortable platform and the plushest padding which will effortlessly transport you to a world of refined comfort and style. They sit on top of a 2.5” wedge heel and feature a foamized leather inner, a soft, cushioned heel and flexible sides to fit all shapes and sizes. Be inspired by Tivoli's enchanting allure. Where effortless elegance meets serene comfort.

So, there you have it. A sophisticated collection of premium shoes built around your fall fashion needs. And for the latest information on this year’s trendiest colors, check out our recent blog here.

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