Gift of espadrilles shoes for Mother's Day. Best women espadrilles made in Spain

Beautiful Espadrilles: The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift


Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the incredible women who have shaped our lives. It’s also the perfect day to express gratitude, love, and appreciation for all that mothers do. They are our best friends, our confidantes and our trusted advisors. They pick us up when we fall, they hug us when we cry and they lift us when we’re down. Mom’s are the best. And what better way to honor them this Mother’s day weekend than with a thoughtful and stylish gift from the Viscata Mother’s Day gift guide? Enter Viscata espadrilles—the quintessential Mediterranean summer footwear that combines comfort, elegance, and Spanish flair.


Women unboxing beige espadrille wedges. Wearing black espadrille sling back wedges.



Every Mom's unique. Which one's yours?

Everybody loves their Mom and every Mom is unique and special. Whatever type of Mom you have, one thing’s for sure, Viscata has shoes to suit her style and personality. Beautiful, authentic handmade espadrilles like ours will show her just how much you care and make her smile as she unboxes Viscata’s perfect mother’s day gifts. Imagine her reaction as she takes her favorite handmade shoes from their box and slips them, Cinderella-like, onto her feet. 

Woman unboxing Viscata espadrille box. Handcrafted espadrille wedges.



Whether your lovely Mom’s the quiet, elegant type or the crazy party girl who’ll dance till dawn, Mother’s Day 2024 is the perfect moment to show her just how much you care. And remember, nothing says I love you better than Viscata’s beautiful handmade espadrilles. With stunning shoes for all occasions, every pair handmade with love in Spain, Viscata’s sure to have the best Mom’s gifts to give your lovely Mom that great big “Thank You” that you know she truly deserves. So, whether you’re looking for handmade espadrille flats, elegant espadrille wedges or glamorous espadrille platforms Viscata has the best Mother’s day gifts ever, for the best Mom’s in the world.

And since there’s nothing quite like a good stereotype, we’ve had a look at some of the most recognizable “Mom types” out there and we thought we’d make choosing a little easier by sharing some beautiful shoes that we think would look good on the feet of your beautiful Moms. We even thought we’d help you choose by pairing your Mom up with our unique, handmade espadrilles that are as authentic and unique as she is.



The “Glamorous Mom”: Escala canvas lace-up espadrille wedges


Girl putting on beige lace-up espadrille wedges. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.


If your Mom’s a bit on the wild side, then our luscious lace-up Escala wedges should help to get the party started. Turn every day into a fun-filled fashion fiesta with these super-stylish summer stunners that will make her feel as glamorous as everybody already knows she is. These chic, authentic handmade Spanish espadrilles feature a 2.7” natural jute wedge. We’ve even added an extra-cushioned inner sole alongside a softer, closed, rounded toe for extra comfort. But the real star of the show here are the glamorous wrap around laces with their sleek summer style and effortless Mediterranean good looks. Spanish passion is the first thing you’ll think of when you see these beautiful shoes and we think your Mom will love them. And for an easy video guide to tying your espadrilles, just click here


The “Comfort” Mom: Menorquina Leather Avarca sandals


Girl wearing beige leather avarca sandals. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.



If your Mom’s the type who lifts you up whenever you’re down, then show her how much you appreciate her with our Menorquina Leather Avarca sandals. These cool and easy-to-wear shoes are bound to keep her in the comfort zone all through the warmer months. Look good, feel good and stay cool, whatever the occasion. These stunning Mediterranean classics were the breakout hit of the summer last year and we expect them to be equally popular this year. A breezy open toe will keep your Mom fresh and cool, combined with an adjustable slingback heel for a chilled out, yet sophisticated look. These comfy, flat shoes are handmade in Spain using European-sourced and certified Leather Working Group (LWG) leather that makes them perfect for those little adventures you know the summer’s going to bring you.



The “Love you always” Mom: Llansa Limited Edition canvas espadrille sandal wedges


Woman wearing black espadrille sandal wedges. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.



She’s a busy lady who needs her wardrobe to work as hard as she does. And she loves you always, no matter how naughty you’ve been. She values polished and sophisticated looks and she always looks cool. Show her you love her always with these stylish handmade Llansa espadrille sandal wedges in the coolest hues. These are the perfect shoes to say “I love you” and with their casual crossed open-toe and striking 2.7” heel, these are Limited edition shoes that she’ll fall in love with. And every pair is handmade in Spain using 100% organic canvas and natural jute. Help your Mom to stand out from the crowd in these stunning shoes, available in bright white and a range of other exciting shades to remind you of how she brightens up your life, every day.


The “Karaoke” Mom: Estartit Navy canvas espadrille wedges



woman in black espadrille wedges. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.



If your Mom likes to be centre stage, then these glamorous Estartit high wedge ankle strap canvas espadrilles will keep her in the spotlight until the music stops. Release your Mom’s inner “Dancing Queen” with these glamorous party shoes. Perfect for dancing on tables and available in a range of colors to suit her every mood. So, if your Mom’s the type to dance on tables, sing into her hairdryer or generally find any excuse to release her inner Taylor Swift, then these high wedge espadrilles should keep her having fun until the lights come up. With a stunning 3.5” heel, and a comfortable buckle wedge, these could become her “go to” summer shoe for good times and fun in the sun. A comfortable, closed rounded toe and an elegant ankle strap mean that these shoes are guaranteed to make your Mom happy this year. Tell her you love her with beautiful shoes.

Why Espadrilles?


Espadrilles have a rich history dating back centuries. Originating in the Pyrenees region of Spain, these shoes were traditionally made with jute soles and canvas uppers. Over time, they’ve evolved into a fashion staple, loved for their versatility and timeless appeal. But it’s been hundreds of years since they were last seen on the foot of a Spanish soldier and these days, Viscata espadrilles are much more likely to be spotted on the feet of royalty. Whether it’s Kate Middleton espadrilles that hit the headlines, or Queen Leticia of Spain promoting them on her royal tours, every woman loves espadrilles. And here are a few reasons that our beautiful handmade authentic Spanish espadrilles are the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the perfect Mom.


Where Comfort Meets Style


Two women in black and white espadrille wedges walking around Mediterranean city. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.



Espadrilles strike the perfect balance between natural comfort and summer style. The natural jute sole provides espadrilles with a comfortable cushioned base, making them ideal for long walks, picnics, or leisurely strolls. Whether your Mom is out there running errands or attending a fancy garden party, handmade espadrilles from Viscata offer her all the comfort she deserves without compromising on fashion.


Soaking Up Those Mediterranean Vibes



Beige medium height espadrille wedges. Handcrafted espadrilles made in Spain.



Imagine the sun-kissed beaches of the Mediterranean—the azure waters, warm sand, and charming coastal towns. Espadrilles capture that essence. With their woven jute soles and breathable canvas uppers, they evoke the laid-back elegance of seaside escapes. When your mom slips into a pair of espadrilles, she’ll feel like she’s on vacation—even if she’s just stepping out to the local café.


Every Pair a Unique Original, Handmade in Spain


handcrafted espadrille wedges. The process of making espadrille shoes in Spain.


Viscata, a brand known for its artisanal approach, creates espadrilles that are meticulously crafted by skilled artisans in Spain. Every pair of our beautiful shoes are made right here in Europe, by artisans who have been practising their craft for generations. Your Mom can rest assured that every pair we sell has been individually made with love and care and the knowledge that we use authentic materials like natural jute for the soles, 100% organic canvas for the uppers and soft, premium leather and suede sourced from ethical suppliers. 

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