Summer fashion - five wardrobe essentials for summer 2023

Summer fashion - five wardrobe essentials for summer 2023

Summer 2023 Fashion Trends with Viscata Summer Espadrilles

Gone are the days when summer only lasted a few months. These days, the warmer weather seems to be extending its reach into spring and autumn and the sun seems to shine longer and brighter. Where you live is no longer a barrier to sunseekers who are now able to reach exotic destinations that they couldn’t have dreamed of only 30 years ago. With the advent of more affordable flights, package tourism and a greater sense of adventure, exotic locations and seeking sun all year round have become art forms in their own right. The endless summer is here, you just have to find it.

Which is why we don’t panic here at Viscata. We know our summer slip-on espadrilles are always in style somewhere. So, bearing in mind that we’re not packing away the summer clothes just yet, we thought we’d do a little roundup of the best summer espadrilles outfits to go with our beautiful Viscata summer espadrille wedges. Here’s our guide to the best shoes for hot weather and our summer wardrobe essentials.

Are espadrilles only for summer?

Well here’s a question that’s been going around forever. And we say a big fat NO. There was a time when we were more constrained by tradition. Summer, we were told, started on Memorial Day when the swimming pools opened. We were told it ended in September. And we were also told never to wear white after Labor Day. We think that’s all nonsense. The old rules are no longer appropriate. Summer is always only a short journey away. And there’s as much sun to be had in the fall and winter as there is in the summer. From the beaches of Mexico to the temples of Thailand and from the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the swish bars and restaurants of Miami. You just have to get out there and find it.

Five of the best summer espadrilles for 2023

So, we’ve been analysing the trends around the world to bring you five of the best summer espadrilles outfits for an endless summer. And some cute as anything combos have come to mind. Here are the five summer fashion trends that we think should be on your fashion hitlist whatever the time of year. You never know when the sun’s going to shine, so be prepared.

Best summer lace-up espadrilles

If you’re looking for the perfect shoes for hot weather, these are probably the ones you’re after. Step into our Culip lace-up espadrilles and experience the comfort of our padded leather insole and feel like you’re walking on air. These could be the best walking shoes for hot weather ever. Pair your Culip Espadrilles with a flowing floral maxi dress for a look that embraces natural elegance. The fusion of floral motifs creates a harmonious ensemble, while their superior comfort enhances your confidence. Keep accessories light to let this captivating combination shine.

blonde woman wearing fuschia lace-up espadrilles and floral dress


Best slip on summer shoes

If you’re looking for casual comfort in a shoe that’s good looking and easy to pack, then our slip on summer espadrilles could be just what you’re looking for. In fact, these Truja Canvas Wedges are an easy way to upgrade any outfit. Combine these versatile wedges with a midi pleated black skirt for a striking contrast, while a basic beige top balances the look with understated sophistication. Complete your ensemble by adding your favorite accessories, infusing a personalized touch of elegance.


brunette woman wearing slip on beige wedges and black midi skirt

Best travel shoes for hot weather

When things get a bit hot, you’ll do anything to stay cool. Strip off your shirt, hike up your skirt. Or even slip into a pair of comfortable, breathable Viscata espadrilles.Our recommendation, Salina Sandals perfectly complement a light, breathable maxi dress. Accentuate your waist with a belt for a flattering silhouette. Complete the look with a wide-brimmed hat and oversized sunglasses for an extra touch of glamor and sun protection.


blonde woman wearing beige espadrille sandals and rose pink maxi dress


Best summer espadrille wedges

Sunshine makes you want to look good.  It’s your time to shine like the star you are. And when you’ve found that perfect summer outfit, you’ll need the shoes to match Pair your charming small flower pattern Estartit Wedge espadrilles with the minimalistic buttoned mini dress in a chic khaki hue. This ensemble effortlessly merges the playful floral pattern with the refined style of the button-adorned dress, creating a harmonious blend of casual and elegant vibes. The Estartit Wedges add a touch of comfort and height, while the buttoned dress ensures you're ready to impress for any occasion.


brunette woman wearing small flower espadrille platform wedges and khaki mini dress

Best summer espadrilles for men

Who says espadrilles are just for women. In fact, they started as shoes for Spanish soldiers. But now they’ve evolved into a fashionable alternative to flip flops or sneakers and are proving the doubters wrong. Men are looking smarter in casual places and men’s espadrilles are starting to get the respect they deserve as alternative summer footwear.. We propose elevating your summer casual game by pairing Pol Men’s Espadrilles with a crisp white polo and classic trousers. The relaxed espadrilles blend harmoniously with the tailored elements, creating a comfortable and sophisticated ensemble perfect for any warm-weather occasion.

men espadrilles


Guarantee an endless summer with these beautiful shoes

So, there you are - five beautiful summer shoes that you can wear all year long to guarantee an endless summer.  And don’t forget to keep them looking good all year round with our specially formulated shoe protector. And if you want the lowdown on how to keep these beautiful shoes as clean as the day you first slipped them on, read our recent blog article on how to clean your espadrilles here.



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