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Step out in confidence and style. At Viscata, we have the shoes for everyone. Whether you’re looking for authentic Mediterranean heritage, natural materials, elegant style or if you simply want to dress to impress, Viscata has something for everyone.

But all good stories need sharing.

We know how busy you are, so here’s a simple “one stop shop” with everything you need to know about our amazing shoes, handmade in Spain.

Our shoes are made for comfort and quality. Naturally.

From the boardwalk to the boardroom what you wear on your feet makes a powerful statement. So put your best foot forward. You are what you wear.

What’s inside?

We’ll tell you who we are and how we got started. We’ll give you easy access to all our press releases and facts and figures to help you write your story. We’ve even provided a ready made set of Q&As.

And since a picture paints a thousand words, we’ve included an image library where you can download the latest high-res images of our products, including beautiful lifestyle shots and all the official logos you need to illustrate your story accurately.

We believe your life should also be simple and easy.

Contact us:
For further information, general press enquiries or simply to arrange to review our shoes, now. Or if you prefer to talk to a human being, we love talking too.

Just call us directly on +1 619 6308717 and somebody will get back to you as quickly as possible, hopefully with the answer you’re seeking.

In the news

There’s press releases and there’s news. In this bit, we’ll post and host the press releases that we’ve put out and share some of the nice things that other people have written about us. Some of it may inspire you to write more and that’s what we like most.


In this section you’ll find a selection of high-res product shots, lifestyle images and approved logos. Just click to download. It’s as easy as that.


Check out our short video section to help bring some of our stories to life. Follow us on our You Tube channel here.


We all have a thousand questions on the tip of our tongues.
So, we’ve had a think about the ones you might want to ask and tried to answer them in the best way we can.


Viscata in brief: everything you need to know before you write your story.


If you’d like to try a pair of our shoes for an article or blog post that you’re writing, just drop us a line. The best email for us is A member of our team will be happy to answer any initial questions and possibly even send you a pair of our beautiful shoes to review and try!

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