Unveiling the History of Valentine's Day & The Perfect Gifts with Viscata Shoes

Unveiling the History of Valentine's Day & The Perfect Gifts with Viscata Shoes

When is Valentine's Day? 

Valentine’s Day is traditionally marked on February 14th and while it’s a traditional feast day, surprisingly, it’s not a national holiday in any country. Many people associate this festival of love with cheap chocolates and cards, but what is its history and how did this day become associated with love and romance? 

How did Valentine's Day start?

Well, according to tradition, Saint Valentine was a prisoner of the Romans who restored sight to the blind daughter of his jailer. In the 18th century, the legend around him grew to include the story that, while imprisoned, he fell in love with a young girl, who visited him during his confinement. It is said that, shortly before his death, he wrote to the girl and he signed the letter from “Your Valentine”. And thus the tradition of sharing love and romance on his Saint’s Day, February 14th, became established in many countries around the world. If you’re interested, you can find out more about this international day of love and all the quirky and different ways it’s celebrated around the world.

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day?

Well, of course, this depends on who you ask. While some people will expect expensive diamond rings, romantic dinner locations and the finest dining experiences, others are just as content with a simpler and more modest approach, perhaps with a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates or even just a softly whispered “I love you”. But we think the best way to show your love is with the gift of romantic shoes - and we think you can’t go wrong with a stunning pair of handmade women espadrilles from Viscata, brimming with delicate good looks, made from the finest materials and with just a hint of romance. 


red espadrille wedges

Does Viscata sell beautiful shoes I can fall in love with?

Yes. Viscata has the world’s largest online selection of authentic, handmade espadrilles, stitched and stretched for maximum comfort and style by Spanish artisans who sew love into every pair, in the same way generations before have done for hundreds of years. Viscata’s espadrilles are stunningly beautiful and are born from nature and bathed in the soft light of romance which will raise the temperature on the most romantic of days. Viscata’s shoes are inspired by the romance of the Mediterranean lifestyle. So, if you’re feeling in the mood for romance, you might want to spread the love amongst your closest friends and take a look at our extensive range.


Does Viscata have shoes for everyone?

Yes. Luckily, Viscata has something for everybody including Valentine’s gifts for her and even Valentine’s gifts for him. And for those “Last Minute Larry’s” and “Last Minute Linda’s” out there, don’t forget that Viscata espadrilles are perfect for those last minute Valentine’s gifts. We even have Valentine’s digital gift cards so you can let the ones you love decide for themselves. And if you’re one of those millions who are not involved in a romantic relationship right now, then you’re not alone and don’t despair. Valentine’s Day for singles can sometimes be hard, so why not cheer yourself up with the gift of shoes. Treat yourself to a pair of romantic shoes and show yourself some self-love. You’re worth it, just like everybody else.


red espadrille wedges in Valentine's Day scenario

What’s the perfect outfit to wear with my romantic espadrilles?

We think you should elevate your Valentine's Day style with a touch of romance and sophistication. Pair your favorite Viscata shoes or espadrilles with an elegant outfit. Opt for a timeless, knee-length wrap dress in a deep, passionate shade like burgundy or classic black. The flowing silhouette and subtle details add a touch of femininity, while the espadrilles inject a relaxed, yet chic, vibe into the ensemble. Consider accessorizing with delicate gold or silver jewelry to enhance the overall elegance. A clutch in a complementary tone completes the look, ensuring you're ready for a romantic dinner or a night of dancing. This outfit strikes the perfect balance between comfort and style, making it an ideal choice for a memorable Valentine's Day celebration.

Can Valentine's Day be for friends and family?

Yes. Valentine’s Day is all about expressing love. And let’s face it, we could all do with a bit more of that right now. But love comes in all shapes and sizes, and Valentine’s day doesn’t discriminate. Whether you're getting down on one knee expressing your eternal devotion or telling your Mom or your best friend how much you appreciate them, Valentine’s Day is the day for you. While most people associate it more with romantic love, it’s also associated with family love and friendship. It’s the perfect moment to let somebody know you care or to thank them for sharing their love throughout the year.


black espadrille wedges and red roses

What are the most romantic things to do on Valentine’s Day?

Traditionally, intimate dinners for two, a dozen red roses or a romantic walk are ways to show your love. But if you’re tired of all the cliches, why not try something a bit different. If the weather’s on your side, why not rustle up a little picnic for two and settle down in the countryside enjoying the open air and the beautiful scenery and crack open a bottle of wine with the one you love. If Spring hasn’t yet arrived in your region, then bundle up for a long country walk through the beauty of nature, followed by a leisurely fireside meal in your favorite local restaurant. Whatever you decide to do, do it in style. And preferably in beautiful women espadrille shoes.  

What is the color of love?

Traditionally, red is the color of love, passion and romance, closely followed by a soft pink. Luckily, Viscata has a vast range of colors, styles and models to choose from. In fact, you can even specifically shop by color on our site to make life even rosier. If you want beautiful espadrilles to reflect your passionate personality perfectly, then simply add a pop of vibrant color into your ensemble and let the passion out with our handmade red espadrilles. If you’re in more of a feminine, flirty mood, then our soft pink espadrilles might reflect your softer side better. And if you're more of an independent type, then we have hundreds of other colors and shoes to reflect every style and occasion. From wedge shoes to platform espadrilles and from elegant open toe espadrilles and closed toe espadrilles through to jute sole espadrilles and low wedge espadrilles, you can shop by heel on our site to find exactly the style you want.


red espadrille wedges and red roses, Valentine's Day mood

What about Valentine's Day for singles?

Traditionally, Valentine’s Day has been to celebrate romantic love. But recently, the mood has shifted and it has recently become a moment to express your love and appreciation for anybody, from a lover to a family member and from your kids to your best friends. And don’t forget to love yourself, since you are the most important person you know. Indulge yourself with a pair of beautiful handmade Spanish shoes. Don’t just have espadrilles for women, we have a range of stylish flat espadrilles for men which will elevate their style for those summer barbecues and beyond. 

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