Best cruise destinations, trends and comfy espadrilles: a match made in heaven

Best cruise destinations, trends and comfy espadrilles: a match made in heaven

In this interconnected world, we are the lucky ones. The planet is more accessible than ever and travelling to exotic destinations is no longer the domain of adventurers and millionaires. And these days, you can travel in style to wherever you want to due to the explosion of affordable and luxury cruise options that can get you anywhere from the Arctic to the Antarctic, from the Caribbean to the Canary Islands and from the Mediterranean Sea to the Straits of Malacca. But once you’ve chosen the type of cruise that suits you, the big question for cruisers is, once I’m on board, which are the best shoes for a cruise? So, just in case you’re wondering, we thought we’d take a look at five of the most popular new trends in cruising and help you to find the perfect pair of shoes or espadrilles to get you to your favorite cruise ship destinations and to make sure that when you’re on board, you’re the star of the show.

So if you’re wondering which are the best cruise shoes, then read on to discover Viscata’s most comfortable wedges and espadrille flats.


Which are the best shoes for a cruise?

If sailing the seven seas is your thing, then you’ll fall in love with our cruise shoes. Viscata has the world’s largest online range of handmade Spanish espadrilles which makes us the first choice for travel espadrilles and shoes for cruise ships. In fact, amongst our almost 500 different models, shapes and sizes we’re sure you’ll find the best espadrilles for vacation cruises wherever you end up sailing to. 

For our full range of espadrilles, flats and shoes, simply peruse our women’s espadrille collection where you’ll find versatile hand made shoes for every occasion and specifically, some of the most comfortable shoes for travel that you could ever wish for.


handmade beige espadrilles

Step into our comfort zone

Amongst our comfy wedges you’ll discover some of the best espadrilles for walking alongside beautiful espadrille flats, closed toe espadrille wedges, open toe espadrilles, traditional espadrilles, modern espadrilles, espadrille sandals, espadrille platforms and much more. And of course each and every pair of natural espadrilles we sell has been handmade in Spain using natural jute and authentic artisan techniques


Adventure awaits: five cruise trends to showcase the natural style of espadrilles

Viscata women are adventurers at heart. Risk-takers, ambitious, always looking for the next opportunity. They have money and style and they see themselves as citizens of the world, connected by the beauty that surrounds us and drawn by the lure of quality, comfort and the best things in life. But Viscata women are also practical and modest. They want the best of all worlds. And why not? The glamor of cruising is the perfect way for them to unleash their spirit. But cruising is not for everyone. Traditional party cruises are so 2020, so we thought we’d take a sneak peak at 5 of the latest trends in cruising for 2024. And while we’re at it, we thought we’d showcase some of our most beautiful shoes. There’s a world of adventure out there waiting for you.


cruise boat


Residential Cruising: for those with time on their hands 

In the glory days of transatlantic travel, it took ships around one week to cross the Atlantic from Southampton to New York City.  Then the race to be the fastest began and ships were steaming across the ocean at a furious pace to cut the crossing time as much as possible. These days, cruising has taken over from straight line crossings as the preferred method of travel. And now, instead of searching for the fastest way between two points, discerning cruisers are looking forward to stretching their luxury as much as possible. As a result, more and more cruise companies are offering round the world trips for as long as 6 months at a time. Others are simply buying permanent cabins and finding that they can live better and cheaper on board these floating palaces than they ever could have done at home. There are many advantages to these extended journeys - time to explore, to make friends with the crew and fellow travellers. Plenty of space to sip cocktails and enjoy fine dining and fitness spas and gyms to keep you ship shape and to burn off all the calories.  Plus there’s the added advantage of waking up in a different port every day. And, since you’re on board for 6 months, there’s no sense of rush or urgency. So don’t feel pressured to go out to every famous landmark when you’re in port. You’re in it for the long haul, so take it easy on board when the ship’s a bit quieter. It is your home, after all.

Cruise shoes: Llansa sandals


black canvas wedge sandals


If you’re one of those who likes to spend a long time at sea, Viscata's Llansa sandals offer the ideal blend of comfort and style. We recommend elevating your onboard look with a flowing silk kimono-style maxi dress, adorned with intricate embroidery and accessorised with a wide-brimmed straw hat and oversized, glamorous sunglasses. These sandals, with their artisanal craftsmanship, will add a touch of Mediterranean sophistication to your look, ensuring you exude effortless elegance as you leisurely explore new ports.


Expedition Cruising: for the adventurous spirit

There was a time when travelling by ship meant either a glamorous and stately journey on an ocean liner with all its glitz, formality and movie star appeal. And then cruising arrived and made ocean travel easier, more accessible and more fun. But not all of us want to have to choose between traditional pomp and ceremony and pool parties that last all day long and into the night. So the cruise industry has been developing new approaches for those who hear the call of the sea, but whose tastes don’t embrace the mainstream. Expedition cruising fills that gap perfectly. And this year, a raft of new expedition ships came into the marketplace. From Polar class ships with helicopters and on board submarines to ships with fleets of Zodiac inflatables and specialist guides to get you close to the action, this new breed of boats are strong and stable but also pay homage to the glory days of ships that broke new barriers all those years ago. And you won’t have to sacrifice anything for your struggles, since these ships also feature comfortable staterooms, swimming pools, spas, gyms, saunas, libraries - and, of course, world class cuisine and cocktails in their fine restaurants and bars. Expedition cruises are now available in parts of the world that just wouldn’t have been accessible to anybody other than the foolhardy or the brave, but that are now open to anybody with the money to buy a ticket. Itineraries are now in place for everywhere from Iceland to the Galapagos, from the Caribbean to Canada and from the Arctic to the Antarctic.

 Cruise shoes: Barceloneta flats

beige flat espadrilles


For your expedition cruise, we recommend pairing Viscata's Barceloneta flats with lightweight cargo pants or moisture-wicking shorts for comfortable exploration. In the evenings, transition to casual elegance with a white linen shirt and chinos. These flats offer excellent traction on diverse terrains and keep you cool with their breathable canvas, making them the ideal choice for the adventurous moments on your journey.


Floating Cities: for those who like it large

There was a time when smaller, more intimate ships were in vogue - and for those seeking a bespoke, service driven luxury high-end experience, there are still plenty of boutique boats to cater for your needs. But for others, bigger is better. And the latest generation of ships are huge. Literally, floating cities with everything from water slides to go-kart tracks alongside the traditional Broadway shows and entertainment evenings. And the biggest of these new boats this year is Royal Caribbean Line’s Icon of the Seas. At 250,000 tons, she’ll  be the biggest ship in the world once completed (more than 5 times the tonnage of the ill-fated Titanic) and she cost a whopping $1.1 billion to build.  The result, a floating city that accommodates more than 5600 guests across its 20 decks. And then there’s another 2,300 crew members below decks to make sure that all the guests are safe and having a good time. As you’d expect, that’s a lot of people to entertain on a big ship, so in addition to the 15 bars and nightspots and 20 different dining options on board, they have seven swimming pools, six water slides (including the tallest water slide at sea), and the largest waterpark at sea. They’ve even got a suspended infinity pool and a functioning waterfall to keep you cool. She’ll be launched in 2024 and will be operating out of Miami to cruise the Eastern Caribbean.  If this is the type of ship for you, you’re going to need some comfortable shoes.

Cruise shoes: Reus medium wedge espadrilles


medium wedge espadrilles in salmon color

For those who prefer the grandeur and excitement of a massive cruise ship, we suggest Viscata's Reus medium wedge espadrilles for the ultimate in comfort and elegance. Pair them with a flowy swimsuit cover-up and oversized sunglasses for poolside chic, or dress up your evenings with a maxi dress and these espadrilles to make an impression at Broadway shows and fine dining experiences. Designed for comfort and durability, these wedges are the perfect match for exploring the extensive onboard amenities, ensuring you navigate this floating city in style and grace.



River Cruises: for those who like to take it slow 

When people think of cruising, they tend to imagine large, luxurious cruise ships with lots of people on board, dozens of restaurants and bars and nightlife until the early hours. And while that may “float the boat” for some people, others want something slower, quieter and more intimate. And that’s where the river cruise comes in. Floating down a river has several advantages. A more laid back and relaxed approach to travel, it enables you to wind down and watch the world pass you by at a gentler pace. And the other advantage is that land is always nearby, so there’s always something beautiful to see from your window. While these elegant, graceful boats don’t have all the amenities of many of the bigger boats, they have everything you need to take it easy. Luxury cabins with windows allow you to watch the world unfold from your stateroom. Or, if you prefer, you could sit on the top deck, salons or viewing galleries and order a chilled cocktail from their well stocked bar. These ships are more intimate, so you are more likely to connect with fellow passengers either on board or on one of the many excursions offered along the way. One of the greatest of these journeys is the River Douro passage in Portugal which winds its way through rich vineyards that line the river banks and the deep gorges that cut through the dense green forests and fields, there’s always something to see along this scenic route. And you’re likely to pass by one of the most fascinating cities in the world, the ancient trading city of Porto, famed for its port wine and delicious food. This is a treat not to miss. And if the beauty of Portugal hasn’t persuaded you, then there are plenty of other elegant options out there for you from Agatha Christie style Egyptian paddle steamers to the slender lines of the riverboats that float down Europe’s other great rivers such as the Seine and the Rhine.

Cruise shoes: Candell laceup espadrille flats


beige flat laceup espadrilles

Experience the charm of river cruising at a leisurely pace, savoring comfort and style with Viscata's Candell flat lace-up espadrilles. Pair them with relaxed linen pants or a flowy skirt for daytime explorations, or elevate your look with a classic sundress or tailored slacks for onboard dinners and socialising with fellow passengers. These espadrilles in neutral hues harmonise with the tranquil river scenery, and their breathable canvas ensures comfort during leisurely strolls on deck. As you meander along the riverbanks, connect with fellow travellers and immerse yourself in the scenic beauty, savoring the slower rhythm of travel with understated elegance.


Sustainable Cruises: for those who value the planet

All this cruising has a downside. Just ask the citizens of Venice and Barcelona. The impact of a giant ship pulling into port can manifest itself in many ways from crowds that overwhelm the local infrastructure to air pollution to potential oil leaks or spills.  And the carbon footprint of some of these ships is huge. But there is another way. For those who love cruising but are uncomfortable with its environmental impact, sustainable cruising is gaining momentum in 2023. In fact, there are an increasing number of eco options out there now, some better than others. Some of the best eco options are aboard the explorer ships who are championing nature and who want to keep their impact on it as low as possible. But wind power is also making a comeback with company’s like Monaco’s Star Clippers operating three tall ships exclusively off windpower for 80% of their journey (they switch to low sulfur gas for the last 20%). And of course, cruise passengers will also want to demonstrate their eco credentials, which is why Viscata’s natural handmade shoes and espadrilles are the perfect pair to pack in your duffle bag as you board. Mediterranean classics like these, made the old fashioned way, by hand and with love. And featuring all natural jute and 100% cotton, Viscata’s are the perfect shoes for a sailing cruise.

Cruise shoes: Escala laceup espadrilles


cherry laceup platform espadrilles

For eco-conscious travellers embarking on a sustainable cruise, Viscata's Escala canvas wedges offer the perfect blend of style and sustainability. Crafted from all-natural jute and 100% organic cotton, these wedges reflect your commitment to the planet. We recommend pairing them with a flowing organic cotton maxi dress and a wide-brimmed, recycled straw hat for effortless elegance during onshore excursions. Whether you're sailing on explorer ships or wind-powered vessels, these shoes align with your eco-friendly values, ensuring you make a fashion statement that respects the planet while you cruise in style.


Keep it clean

And don’t forget, these are shoes for travelling, so it’s inevitable that they will get stained and scuffed. But never fear, we have just the things to keep your shoes looking as smart as the first time you put them on. Shield your shoes with our award-winning shoe protector - the perfect solution for unwanted marks and blemishes to keep you looking your best at all times.

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