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All our leather is now sourced directly from Grupo Dani in Italy. We know them well and we trust them to produce premium leather to the highest quality. All their leather is manufactured for us in the little town of Arzignano (Italy) which means they have total control of the production process, so they can ensure both quality and reliability for their customers. This business believes in the sustainable fashion movement, just like us.

It all started back in 1950. Angelo Dani built his first tanning drum by hand and gathered around it with his six children to teach them the art of tanning leather.

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By the 1990’s, several generations later, they had entered the technical footwear sector, producing high performance leather. And since then, they’ve grown and grown. They now supply some of the world's most demanding slow fashion brands. Sustainability and innovation lie at the heart of their proposition and it wasn’t long before their efforts started to get industry recognition.

By 2021, they had become the first tannery in the world to receive “Carbon Footprint of Product” certification and “Environmental Product Declaration” certification. They’ve also been featured in the “GreenItaly Report” as one of the top 100 “green” companies in Italy. That’s why they’re the perfect partner for our ethically made shoes.

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For many years, the conventional leather industry has been recognized as a major source of pollution. The tanning process can generate industrial waste that contains chromium and other hazardous compounds which can pose a major threat to human health and the natural environment. We wanted to work with a recognized and trusted supplier.  

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Someone we knew could ethically produce high quality, chrome free and sustainable leather that adds quality to our timeless designs and supports our eco-friendly ethos. All our leather is a natural bi-product of the meat industry and we only source from cows raised in Europe, which has some of the highest standards of animal welfare anywhere in the world.

What's next:

This is the beginning

This is just the beginning of our journey. Our goal is to continually improve product quality but in increasingly sustainable ways. We’re up for the challenge and we spend considerable time investigating options which will deliver the same premium quality (or better).

Some of the ways we think we can continue to bridge the gap in coming years include reviewing the potential of vegan leather, vegetal leather and other sustainable materials and natural fibers that won’t compromise our commitment to tread lightly on this planet.

Supply Chain Transparency

We have nothing to hide and we believe sunlight is the best disinfectant. That’s why we’ve partnered with Product DNA who track our product journey from source to shop so that you can checkout our story in detail at every stage of the journey.

We believe in second chances.

We now offer our pre-loved espadrilles at discounted prices.
Slowly does it. The best things in life take time. Naturally.