Viscata Holiday Gift Guide 2023

Viscata Holiday Gift Guide 2023

The holiday season is upon us and we’re all grappling with the perennial questions.  What do we want for Christmas and what special Christmas gifts are we going to buy for the people we love most? Stockings will be hung by chimneys in the hope that Santa will deliver everything they desire. But in reality, we know that up and down the country people will be looking for the ideal gifts to stuff their stockings with. And, as you’d expect, we think you should give the people you love what they really want - beautiful shoes, stunning handbags and gorgeous espadrilles for the good times that lie ahead. So, we’ve anticipated a few of your questions and come up with some festive inspiration from our 2023 Viscata holiday gift guide to make things a bit easier for you. We have plenty of beautiful gifts for women and we even have gifts for men. It’s our best gifting guide ever, so don’t miss out. And if you want to take the guesswork out of Christmas, simply offer them a Viscata gift card and let them choose for themselves.

What should I buy for a woman who has everything? 

Women always need new shoes. They can never have enough of them and some of them are so obsessed that they have entire rooms in their houses dedicated to keeping them pristine and perfect. Now that might be a little over the top, but the general principle applies. Women love shoes. It doesn’t matter how much stuff they have, how many diamond rings and pearl necklaces they drape around their elegant necks, offer them a pair of shoes and watch their face light up. See how they react to our handmade Spanish espadrilles. They’re fashion staples that every woman should have. And while you’re at it, they quite like handbags too!

Why is gifting Viscata a meaningful gift?

surprised woman receiving a gift

Viscata is an authentic and original brand that comes from the heart. Every pair of our shoes has been handmade with love by Spanish artisans who have been infusing our premium quality shoes with love for many years. Their skills have been cherished and nurtured over the centuries and handed down from generation to generation. We like to think you can feel the love that goes into every pair of shoes. We also think the holiday season is all about giving. 

And that doesn’t mean rushing out to the mall on Christmas Eve in a pre-holiday panic and grabbing whatever’s left for your loved one. In fact, the opposite is true. The true joy of the holiday season comes from thinking about your family and friends and finding the right gift for them. It comes from watching the look of delight on their face when they realise you’ve bought them exactly what they wanted and from the laughter and light that come from that simple act of making someone happy. And what you give to the most precious people in your life says a lot about them (and a lot about you). We know that women love beautiful shoes and stylish handbags. And Viscata has a world leading range of premium shoes, espadrilles, handbags in more than 450 different colors, style and materials.This vast choice of shoes means you can spend some time (maybe even with a festive cocktail in hand) to peruse the world’s largest online range of authentic espadrilles so you can find exactly the right pair of shoes to put in their stockings this year. The perfect pair is out there. 

Which are the best gifts for the holidays? 

So, which are the best gifts for the holidays? Well judging by the unwanted presents that accumulate for recycling every year, cardigans, knitted socks and balaclavas are not on the list this year. But you'll never go wrong with a pair of beautiful new shoes. So, here are Viscata's top 10 shoes and accessories to stuff into your stockings this Christmas:

The gift of romance: Verona leather and Verona suede medium wedges

Verona suede and leather wedge shoes

Whatever the time of year, slip into an Italian daydream with our stunning Verona leather shoes and suede shoes. Our gorgeous suede wedges are inspired by the gorgeous city of love and poetic charm. These shoes are a sophisticated option for the holiday season. A 2.5” medium wedge ensures comfortable walking over the festivities and we’ve added a foam leather inner and flexible sides so that they adjust to all shapes and sizes of feet. And they’re covered with LWG certified premium suede and Italian leather for style and durability. We think these all year espadrilles would make a lovely present for someone special in your life. Someone who loves style, romance and good looks.


Our most popular shoes of 2023: Roses canvas medium wedge espadrilles

roses canvas espadrille wedges

Our Roses medium espadrilles were our most popular shoe of 2023, you can’t go wrong with these classic wardrobe staples. Stunningly versatile, these slip on espadrilles will make you look good all year round. Built on handmade jute soles and a medium wedge, they’re just the right height to elevate your stature, without compromising your comfort. You can wear these durable shoes all day long and cozy up in their warm embrace as you step out in style. A pointed toe adds  a touch of elegance to the design and their breathable, GOTS certified organic canvas will keep your feet fresh while you’re on the move.


Have a Cool Yule: Palomera canvas espadrille wedges

palomera slingback espadrille wedges in black

Slingback buckles and a comfy 2.5” heel make these Palomeras perfect for a cool Yule. An adjustable strap means they’re the perfect fit whatever the occasion. These ankle strap espadrilles make every stride a pleasure. Elegant, pretty and subtly sophisticated, these shoes are the perfect gift for someone who loves understated style and European elegance.  They’d look great in a Christmas stocking and imagine the pleasure and joy when that special person wakes up and finds these stunning shoes in their stocking. And what could be more Christmassy than that?


Step up your game: Estartit canvas espadrille wedges

red starlit espadrille wedges

Ride high on these stunning Estartit high wedge ankle strap espadrilles with their casual charm and effortless chic. There’s something sexy about slingback espadrilles and with their cross open toe design and comfortable 3.5” heel, these shoes will make you shine all through the holiday season and into the year ahead. Our gorgeous Estartit canvas espadrilles are available in a range of summer colors. Handmade in Spain, naturally.


The gift that keeps on giving: Satuna canvas espadrille wedges

beige espadrille wedges with ankle strap

These Satuna wedges are fashion classics and you can wear them all year round for casual days and cool evenings. These are a great pair of all round espadrilles with a little extra style and pzazz. Plus, with a 3.5” wedge heel, these give you a little extra height (never a bad thing!) Plus, the adjustable ankle strap makes it easy to secure and offers extra comfort and support. And they’re available in a wide range of vibrant colors, so there’s a pair for all your color combos.


The eternal summer: Aiguablava canvas espadrille sandal wedges

red Aiguablava espadrille wedges

These pretty Aiguablava ankle strap espadrille sandal wedges feature a pretty ankle strap and unrivalled comfort for easy walking. We think these beautiful shoes will take you ro some beautiful places. You can wear them all day long without compromising comfort and their GOTS certified organic canvas will keep your feet feeling fresh all day long.


Pretty as a picture: Aiguafreda canvas espadrille sandal wedges

beige espadrille wedge sandals

Aiguablava’s little sister offers a sleek, stylish version of the espadrille that is sure to make you stand out from the crowd over the holidays. And our Aiguafredas  are super comfortable with their breathable cotton canvas. These pretty ankle strap espadrilles are sure to get you noticed. We think your special friends will be very happy if a pair of these ended up at the bottom of their Christmas stocking. Spanish handmade shoes made with authenticity and passion and Mediterranean style.


Flat out beautiful: Barceloneta canvas espadrille flats

flat beige espadrille shoes

Slip a pair of these casual beauties into somebody’s stocking this Christmas and you’ll put an instant smile on their face. These Barceloneta cool looking slip-on espadrilles are the perfect thing to pop into your suitcase for your weekend breaks and sunshine holidays. Good looking, comfortable and durable, these are the perfect shoes for the endless summer. And every pair of these traditional shoes has been made by hand. 


Reus canvas ankle strap espadrille wedges

medium wedge espadrille shoes in navy color

These Reus medium wedges offer a little extra height for those who prefer to be a little taller.  With a 2.5” medium wedge heel, these easy walking espadrille wedges will keep you walking comfortably all day long. They envelop your feet in a cozy comfort that makes walking a pleasure, not a chore. And the stunning ankle strap will keep your feet secure while the GOTS certified organic canvas will keep them fresh day in, day out.


Sitges: casual shoes for beach boys

sky blue men's espadrille shoes

You won’t go wrong if you give the man in your life a pair of these stunning, authentic handmade Sitges Spanish men’s espadrilles. Cool enough for hot summer days, these shoes are equally at home by the beach or the barbecue. If you’re looking for a present for the man in your life, these will surely put a smile on his face. So much more stylish than sneakers or flip flops. Elevate his espadrille game with these stunning Sitges flats.


Pol: canvas men’s espadrilles

navy men's espadrille shoes

Looking to upgrade your sneaker game? Look no further than these stunning Pol lace-up espadrilles. Smarter than flip flops and more stylish than sneakers, these could be what your man has been missing all his life. Every pair of these handmade men’s espadrilles has been created using traditional techniques and features all natural jute soles to keep your feet fresh and a closed rounded toe for extra space and comfort. Slip a pair of these into his stocking this Christmas and it could change your whole summer (and his!).


Lovely laces: change your look with our lace up ankle ties

colourful espadrille laces

Once you’ve landed those shoes you’ve been dreaming about, don’t forget that we have a range of accessories that can transform your shoes into a kaleidoscope of color offering limitless ways to express your individuality. Our lovely laces come in two varieties. Our Mimosa ankle laces are made from soft, natural cotton and are available in a range of colors so you can make your espadrilles match your mood. And our Caleta ankle laces allow you to express your individual style, like the original that you are.


Bags of fun - inner space for all your Christmas goodies

luxury canvas handbag A4 size

You can’t go wrong with our stunning handbags. And, like shoes, you just can’t have enough of them. Luckily, Viscata has a range of designer-inspired handbags to elevate your accessory game. And they’re the perfect present for that special person this Christmas. We have stunning handbags in a range of colors and styles, from crossed body bags to shoulder bags and tote bags, we have both leather and canvas versions, each as chic as the other. Premium quality and made with attention to detail, these gorgeous handbags are guaranteed to put a smile of someone’s face this Christmas.


Gift cards

viscata gift card in black and white


And if all that choice is just confusing and overwhelming, don’t forget our convenient digital gift cards. Remove the uncertainty and let them choose the style, size and materials they really want. 

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