The softest,
most sustainable suede

Camel tanned suede


We’re delighted to partner with DMD SOLOFRA SPA. They only supply us the highest quality, softest, most sustainable suede sourced from young goats and they have years of experience producing high-quality ovine and caprine leathers for footwear, personal leather goods and sustainable fashion brands.

Generations holding hands

The company has been operating since 1920, when De Maio Michele Senior established the family business. Since then it has been passed down through several generations of his family.

Woman cutting a organic cotton canvas

This company is built on love, passion and commitment and it's this that has driven them on to deliver constant improvements in product quality and sustainable manufacturing.

Wooden clogs for handcrafting espadrilles

More than 100 years of practical experience and a thirst for technological innovation has led the company to combine its accumulated knowledge to create a new approach that fuses tradition with technology.

Fuchsia suede texture


For many years, the conventional leather industry has been recognized as a major pollutant. While we recognized that there are a number of sustainable solutions to tackle these issues, we wanted to work with a supplier who we know and trust and who shares our commitment to ethical production of our high quality and sustainable suede.

Dense green forest

Whats next:

This is the beginning

Next year, we plan to source our cotton directly from the South of Spain. At present, many of the cotton crops we source are based in Turkey (one of the world’s most important producers of organic cotton). The closer we can be to our source, the kinder we can be to our planet.

Supply chain transparency

We collaborate with Product DNA, who track our product journey from source to shop so that you can follow our story in detail. Learn more about the product journey of our sustainable suede espadrilles here.

As part of the wider sustainable fashion movement, our supplier’s commitment to sustainability and social impact has been certified and approved by a wide range of industry bodies including:

We believe in second chances.

We now offer our pre-loved espadrilles at discounted prices.
Slowly does it. The best things in life take time. Naturally.